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26-Mar-03, 18:54
wick academy need a new manager this manager is not even playing the young boys that are going to be wicks future and team like alec lamb and youngsters like him he played for ross county and deserves to be in the team week in week out and hopefully stays clear of injuries i would like to see academy up there at the top but all this manager is doing is pulling them down [mad]

26-Mar-03, 19:49
Give the man a chance, for gods sake, eh? Or are you one of the people who thinks he is "from the wrong side of the county"?

The Loafer

26-Mar-03, 23:03
Budger was a great manager for Thurso F.C (although it was a lower standard of football some will say and that is a matter of opinion) and as far as I can see from Wick's recent results "ee scorries" have won more games recently than they have in several seasons.

Give the man a chance...........sometimes young players need a rest.

29-Mar-03, 13:36
Well said Brian.
Alistair Budge has always given his all when It comes to football, be it as a Player, Coach or Manager.
His dedication to football in Caithness can never be questioned, he has always given his all to whatever club he has been with.
He has progressed as a coach & Manager through all footballing levels from youths to County Level and North Reserve Level to his present position as WAFC Manager.
Alistair never ceases to amaze me how he always manages to get the best out of players, he has this way of motivating playes where he gets inside their heads.
Believe me I have seen this first hand when I had the pleasure to work with him at youth level for Wick Academy.
I am sure he is still using the same methods today and the club is starting to reap the benefits of this,his training methods and Technical knowledge and long may it continue.
Alistair I am sure appreciates all the clubs and people he has worked for or with, but an opportunity presented itself to Aliastair in the form of the WAFC job and nobody can blame the guy for taking the opportunity to pit himself against experienced managers in the Highland League.
Give the guy a chance!!

30-Mar-03, 09:28
It never ceases to amaze me when Alan Farquhar speaks sense :D But he has done it again - well said Alan.

31-Mar-03, 18:58
Well said Ultra!! Alan Farquar speaking sense?? First time for anything, eh??? :D :D

The Loafer