View Full Version : Anyone know a recipe for seabass fillets?

25-Nov-07, 23:56
Does anyone have a recipe for Seabass fillets?

Me and hubby went to a wedding last year at a very posh restaurant and had seabass fillets and it was gorgeous! i keep telling my mum and dad to try it but cant find a recipe to go with it. I have tried Rick Steins website and Gordon Ramsey and even Jamie Oliver but cant find any way of serving seabass fillets they all tell you how to serve it up whole stuffing it with oranges and allsorts but as much as I love fish I couldnt handle having a whole one sitting there on my plate staring back at me!

26-Nov-07, 00:23
oh I found this link but I hate ginger


Any other ideas?

Anne x
26-Nov-07, 18:23
Sea Bass with Rocket Pesto

4 Sea Bass Fillets
2 tbps olive oil
1oz Butter
4 tbsp White Wine

for the Sauce
1tbsp Olive oil
1/2 oz butter
3 anchovy fillets
2 shallots
1 medium Courgette finely chopped
1/2 pt Vegetable Stock
7ozs rocket roughly chopped

make the sauce first heat oil & Butter add anchovies and cook stirring gently until they dissolved in the oil add the shallots and courgettes cook until the shallots have softened add the stock and simmer for 1 min
stir in the rocket season with black pepper remove from heat allow to cool slightly and put in a blender until smooth
return to the pan stir over a low heat until the sauce becomes creamy remove from the heat and set aside

Season the Sea Bass with Salt & Pepper heat the olive oil and butter add sea bass flesh side down and cook over a mod heat til golden brown and repeat turn over (at this point you can easily remove the skin )
add the wine cover with a lid and cook for a few seconds until the wine evaporates meanwhile reheat the sauce if necessary
arrange some rocket on a plate top with sea bass fillets and pour the sauce over or you can have the sauce on the side

26-Nov-07, 21:40
thanks anne sounds lovely will give it a try