View Full Version : Quiz 8.30pm 24th Nov

24-Nov-07, 12:58
Well its me hosting the questions tomorrow night, looking forward to it , so see you there tomorrow.

edit, date 25th !! sorry

24-Nov-07, 18:07
I Will Be There Solus

24-Nov-07, 22:22
Yippee quiz night!

25-Nov-07, 23:08
Well done to trucker who is the hot seat next with with a first place score of 30, second on 20 points went to wifie and third was wellie on 19 points.

well done guys.

25-Nov-07, 23:21
Well done on you first quiz Solus - hard work isn't it? You did well and wooshed through the second half. (Have to admit to getting some help on the scores front from my OH as I was terrified of getting it wrong!)

26-Nov-07, 09:23
Well done Solus really enjoyed the quiz. Looking forward to Truckers quiz next week.