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22-Nov-07, 17:44
Hi folks,

I just have to let you all know how fabulous the chap at the Heat Centre is.

After being left without heating for a week thanks to our original Rayburn servicer refusing to come out after a recent service and subsequent breakdown (I wont name names, but it was the first and last time I will use this place), I phoned the Heat Centre yesterday to see if there was a chance of a visit. Although he was fully booked, once I told him of our situation he arranged to come round THAT DAY, after his last call in the area to have a look so we could at least know why the boiler had stopped working.

Not only did this amazing man have a look to see what had gone wrong, instead of just giving us a quote and booking us in for when he was free, he spent two hours fixing our heating and left us with a warm house for the first time in a week!

What's more, he actually popped round today to make sure everything was running ok.

Now I know this was a one off but what he did was way beyond what anyone could expect. After being treated badly by the original company, this man was so nice, helpful and went out of his way to make sure we were ok.

I'll be going back to this company again.

22-Nov-07, 17:58
thats really nice to hear, he obviously loves helping others

good work

22-Nov-07, 18:29
fantastic to see people who still have a genuine interest in their job and the humanity to help....... well done that man :D

22-Nov-07, 18:33
We had central heating problems when we moved in they came out and fixed it and they installed our gas cooker a couple of weeks later. It then took them a couple of weeks to bill us,so different to down south where they want paying immediatly. A very nice helpful company will definatly use again.:)