View Full Version : New Indian Takeaway in Castletown?

22-Nov-07, 01:12
Anyone have an update as to when we can expect the Grand opening?
Canny wait....!!!!!

22-Nov-07, 01:57
Anyone have an update as to when we can expect the Grand opening?
Canny wait....!!!!!

They are hoping for this weekend . Just waiting for last few things to be finished. .

22-Nov-07, 15:20
Was in there yesterday and it's looking well on.

They are awaiting there drinks licence so it might be a week or two yet, unless they open teatotal.

26-Nov-07, 19:46
Any update on the takeaway?
Is it open yet.
Dont want to drive all the way to castletown unless its open :)

30-Nov-07, 11:36
It is open now and the restaurant is taking christmas party bookings etc now.

30-Nov-07, 17:11
heard the foods lovely, will be trying it tomorrow night and they deliver to thurso to ,so i dont even have to go out for it :):)

30-Nov-07, 17:19
Will give you an update later on tonight, off to se the lights in Thurso then home for curry

30-Nov-07, 22:16
Went to the indian tonight,wasnt that impressed I'm afraid.
The dhansak tasted burnt and wasnt a patch on K2 very bland and basic.
Nan was nice,rice was OK pakora was 2 different colours and rather hard.
Tried the doner which obviously had been lying for ages, very hard and tasted a bit "funny",i.e not very fresh.
Might try it again dont know as I am used to the the excellence of K2.
Hope others had a better experience :)

30-Nov-07, 22:24
Hubby enjoyed his meal. the starters of chicken pakora was really nice, hubby had dansak and really enjoyed it, I had dopiaza, not very impressed - chicken could have been cooked for quite a bit longer. Got mushroom bhaji (which I thought was gonna be like onion bhagee, but turned out to be curried mushrooms) very nice. Papadoms tasted as if they had been cooked in old oil - yeuk.

Phoned order in and was told it wouldnt be ready for 3/4 hr which I thought was a long time to wait.

May try again in about a month or so to see if it was just teething problems.

Overall hubby very happy but I am obviously harder to please, which hubby says is usual anyway :lol:

03-Dec-07, 15:31
I had a kabab from here on Sat & it was really good. It was very busy tho & hubby had to wait a good while for it.

04-Dec-07, 01:05
Had a kebab from here on Saturday night and it was lovely - found the staff on the front desk really friendly and cheerful. made the long wait bearable!!

04-Dec-07, 11:20
We had our curry last saturday night and it was lovely ,cant wait till the next one, we went out a run to see where it was and it was so busy, if you like chilly do try the chilly nan bread mmmm lovely :)

20-Dec-07, 22:53
Just back from a great meal there tonight. We had nice starters, and both tried something different for us - a jalfrezi & a patia with the aforementioned chilli nan - all were delicious. We barely had room to stuff a couple of After Eight mints in, but managed after a few minutes!

2 Starters, 2 main courses with sides (rice, nan & puppodums), and 2 rounds of drinks, all for just over 30 which was really good value.

20-Dec-07, 23:11
Is it owned by any of the other indian establishments up here or is it just someone totally new?

21-Dec-07, 01:18
Is it owned by any of the other indian establishments up here or is it just someone totally new?

Its owned by Selina Spice in Thurso

21-Dec-07, 23:34
It's owned by one of the former Shelina Spice co-owners who decided to go it alone.

26-Dec-07, 18:48
We have had a couple of take aways over the last couple of weeks, its was good, hubby loved the kebabs, the only prob was waiting times? And the first night mine and my hubbys was left ready when my sons pizza was still to be cooked.

But Hot or cold I would give it another go, we did and it was all hot and lovely

Going for a sit in meal soon, will post then.

29-Dec-07, 17:09
Summary after 3 or 4 takeaways.

The food is excellent but delivery is really slow.

If you are having food delivered order early!

30-Dec-07, 23:02
[QUOTE=Going for a sit in meal soon, will post then.[/QUOTE]

Went for the meal tonight, and heres the feedback,

we opted for the Buffet,

the starters were massive chicken pakora, Onion Bahji, and some other thing. All lying out on silver foil trays freezing cold

So my husband asked for some fresh and hot, we did get them eventualy

The main courses were Realy realy spicy Chicken Madras, Chicken Korma, Chicken tikka masala, Multi Coloured Rice

The above aint every ones choice, so when they came and asked if we were happy so my hubby said not realy as he hates sweet dishes and they did say he could have a chicken rogan josh. which was okay

If thats a buffet, I am amazed?? No real choice?

The hole thing put us off, you had to be there to realise how crap the whole thing was.

Wont eat in again

I can realy recommend the Indian Palace

31-Dec-07, 21:37
Went there yesterday (just before chamb) and had a great meal, thoroughly enjoyed it. Staff were very helpful and friendly. Will quite happily go back again!

19-Jun-08, 15:31
I think indian is magic in castletown...in fact has anyone got the number?? think i'll pick one up on way home from work!!

19-Jun-08, 15:32
Its 821111 ;) x

19-Jun-08, 15:37

don't suppose you know their opening times for ordering do you !!!

Need dinner sharp as got farrier to horse right after work!!

19-Jun-08, 16:17
According to their takeaway menu, they are open 12-2pm and 4.30-midnight seven days a week. I suppose they'll take orders any time they're open, within reason.

19-Jun-08, 17:44
You can also view there take away menu online :D


20-Jun-08, 12:48
had a yummy Korma last night....... their peshwari naan is amazing too........

22-Jun-08, 21:41
I love having the Indian in the village, however i would like to recommend that they get more staff to cover deliveries and take aways over the weekends..............1hour 45mins is a long time to wait when your starving!!!!! even if it is tasty!