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25-Mar-03, 22:51
About three weeks ago i was in Leeds Bradford airport, i was quite shocked to see that in the ammusement section where all the video games etc were, i was really shocked to see a game which had a FULL SIZE replica machine gun!

I was lead to think that replica guns were not allowed ........

In my mind i think it is a stupid thing to have in an airport. It really did look real

Any views/

27-Mar-03, 19:10
I was there too, remember, it was in rather poor taste I must admit. Maybe it was to give Bin Laden's followers some pracrice?

The Loafer

27-Mar-03, 19:16
Here's a bit of insanity for you:
At Oakland International Airport, security will take away your nail file, but as you walk to your flight gate, there are shops that sell them. :roll:
Ooooo, when Sassy and I rule the world, things will be different LOL ;)

02-Apr-03, 23:06
and do I get to be first minister of caithness, ht?

07-Apr-03, 14:33
If you are first minister, will you marry solastar and myself?? :D :D :D :D