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Colin Manson
03-Jun-01, 05:32
Hi all,

I have been investigating a few problems with the chat room and also trying to sort out the issue with lack of usable colours.

To this end I have upgraded the chat room and I hope this should see an end to our problems. However if you are still having problems signing in or being disconnected please email and let me know.

Also I thought I'd take some time to cover the registration details -

1) Your name can be viewed if you do not wish this then enter a fun name.

2) You MUST enter a valid email address which you check at least once a week. This allows us to send you updates or inform you about events or in unfortunate circumstances we can inform you about problems.

3) You may tick the box to keep you email address hidden if you wish, it may be advisable if you don't want people to know who you are and your email address contains your real name.

I will be deleting accounts with false email addresses and I will shortly send out an email which you will be required to reply to in order to keep your account.

These steps are required because we have over 300 registered users and we need remove old "dead" accounts.


Colin Manson

12-Jun-01, 01:37
I'm glad to know that you will be clearing out invalid accounts. Will you also create a way for people to update their user names?

Colin Manson
12-Jun-01, 04:22
That facility already exists, just edit your profile and change the name to whatever you want. :)

If you have any problems just let me know and I'll change it directly in the database.


Colin Manson

12-Jun-01, 04:59
when I click on Profile, then click on Modify, I can change everything but my username...can you tell I am not a Techie? Cheers to you, Cindy

Colin Manson
12-Jun-01, 09:38
At the login page click "Edit your profile" then enter your username and password as usual. When your profile appears change your username and then click change, a confirmation will appear and you click close.

Then proceed to login as normal but using your new username. The above process does work(just tested it) but you can't change your username to one thats already taken.



11-Mar-09, 20:48
hi colin
i can no longer enter the chat room. only getting a small square in the window tony

12-Mar-09, 15:46
I thought that your username was for life.

12-Mar-09, 15:58
I cana seem to change ma user name! I am far too dumb for this technology i tells ya!!!

Cant find the bit where it says to change it. Can only find the bit to change email address and password! :confused

Help please??

12-Mar-09, 15:59
This is a very old thread

12-Mar-09, 16:05
This is a very old thread

Yeah i saw that wifie! Was just wonderin if it was still possible to change it but obviously not! :~(

17-Mar-09, 21:38
can you have more than one username

17-Mar-09, 23:44
Why would you want more than one user name?

18-Mar-09, 08:49
Lingland possibly :lol::lol::lol: