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13-Nov-07, 13:25
can anyone recommend a good set of kitchen knives, probably one in a wooden block

14-Nov-07, 14:03
Haha sweep, sounds suspicious! Hope it's not to cure an annoyance?! :lol:

22-Nov-07, 17:12
i use Global knives at home- excellent!

25-Nov-07, 02:21
Hi sweep i have too agree with Plutonio that Global knives are good,i use them myself at home. Would highly recommend them.:)

25-Nov-07, 10:23
You really need to go to a shop and hold them. The Global knives are good Japanese knives but they have metal handles so are not for everyone.

Shun is another very good Japanese maker but there are many others that would cost a lot more and out perform both global and shun.

Henckels and Wustolf are two very good German knives with more traditional handles. I prefer the Wustolf but the Henckels are very good and they make a very comfortable ergonomic handle in their 5 star range.

Any of these knives will perform very well so give them a try and see how they feel. If you don't mind a variety of different knives you can start with 2 or 3 knives and build a collection from there. It is cheaper in the long run than buying a set which may include knives you may never use.

25-Nov-07, 10:31
Another good make, with non-metal handles, in the American Cutco range. Exceedingly sharp and guaranteed for life. They will even sharpen it for free and refund your postage. :D

25-Nov-07, 11:27
You should also budget for a good sharpening system to keep your knives sharp and safe.