View Full Version : Quiz 8.30pm 18th Nov

13-Nov-07, 02:09
My turn again. Promise not so many trick questions this time. But will once again have a sore head. So whispers only allowed. Come along and enjoy the crack.

13-Nov-07, 08:21
Will be there for the quiz wellies.

13-Nov-07, 12:18
Looking forward to it Wellies!

13-Nov-07, 22:12
Should be good crack, you run a good quiz wellies

15-Nov-07, 19:23
Ill try and be there. You ran my first quiz Wellies and it was great , sadly havent had a chance to get back to one. Ill make it if im not still out celebrating a Scotland win on Saturday. ;):D

18-Nov-07, 18:57
Aye lookin forward to e quiz too. Looks like weestraw should be available.

18-Nov-07, 20:11
is this an open affair? or do you have to join also can one be a spectator??
regards tony

18-Nov-07, 20:21
Tony just turn up and watch madness ensue! It's a very informal fun affair so if you can answer a question or two then give it a go - you'll have to type fast tho'!

Hope to see y'all there.

18-Nov-07, 20:57
I'm doing my warm up exercises just now. See you in a bit.

18-Nov-07, 23:59
Great quiz Wellies.

Good luck Solus for next week.

19-Nov-07, 16:02
Crikey !! it pays to read the prize thread first before taking part :roll:

No worries though, it gives me an excuse not to pack the pc up for another week :lol:

19-Nov-07, 18:33
Thank you to all who turned up on Sunday night. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves. The winners were
3rd with 13 points miknhev, Foxy and tenabowla
2nd with 14 points Ju
1st with 18 points Solus

Well done Solus and you will make a great quizzie next week