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22-Mar-03, 08:15

Peace is a state of being...being in the present in harmony and balance with all things. Peace exists in the space between the "Light and the Dark". It is the perfect balance between the polarities. Peace is an understanding of both sides of the polarity and does not find opposition in anything.

Peace knows no opposition. God knows no opposition. God does not oppose itself. However, in your free will, humanity has the option to oppose its self or to create the balance and perfection of the God-Source within.

It is only in the illusion of separation that one can choose opposition.

Fear, another illusion, creates opposition. Every opposition is motivated by fear. It is an ever perpetual spiral downward until the time comes that you have had enough fear and opposition and you allow the Light of the Mighty I Am Presence to shine forth shifting your fear and opposition to balance and love. When you make the choice to surrender your oppositions you have made the choice to surrender to your God-Self.

If you stand in a place of kindness and goodness but you push and rebel against the opposite, that being for example, hatred and war, then you are in opposition. In this place of opposition you are engaging in the same energy of hatred and war. Ahh, but you say, "It is for peace that we oppose war." But, I say to you, peace knows no opposition. Peace is as peace does.

If you say you are peaceful but you harp on about your brother and the wrong thing he did or did not do, then you are not in peace. If you use your time fighting the system, rebelling against the injustices of the world, and competing with your brother then you are not in peace. Polarizing every situation into right and wrong, good and bad, black and white does not create peace. Where there is opposition there is no peace.

You say you want peace. To have peace you must be peace. You must come to know peace intimately within your heart flame. The only way to be peace is to allow others to have their experience, however dark you may deem it to be, and in your peace, their darkness does not effect you. And you see within them the peace, the light, the love of the Christ, that being their true nature, that you know and recognize it in your peaceful awareness.

If you do not resonate with a behavior, an attitude, an authority, an action or a judgment of another, it is worthy to note your disharmony or non-resonance. It is worthy perhaps to even voice your feeling of disharmony, to inform those behaving in such manner that their actions do not resonate with you. You may in good conscience and awareness, impart your wisdom and demonstrate perhaps a more balanced way. These actions would be in balance with peace. They are in peace making.

However, be weary of the time you feel the bile churn in your solar plexus and you feel the fury of discontent burn within you to bring right action to those at war, to those you oppose. Your fury and righteous action are no actions of peace. They are opposition in action. Peace is as peace does. It knows no opposition.

"But to sit back and do nothing cannot serve," you say. This may be true but to oppose only creates more war. So what does one do? Peace is as peace does. Be at peace and you will have peace. Live peace, be peace, breathe peace, see peace, imagine peace.

Do not justify your opposition in the name of peace. The peace of Heaven requires no battle nor justification. To bring Heaven to Earth you must simply surrender to that which is your true nature. The I Am Presence within all souls knows no opposition. It knows only peace.

As you armor yourself against the opposition you shield yourself from the love and light that you are. You cloak the light within, holding it in darkness and then you become that which you are opposing. As you view those at war and accuse them of being evil, you then become evil in your accusation. If you put peace at the other end, the "opposite" of evil, then you will never attain it. As in the opposite there is opposition, there is polarity, duality, which brings you deeper into third density reality. When war is sought to accomplish peace it is only creating more opposition. Peace is sought but not found because it cannot be sought, it can only be experienced. Peace is as peace does.

It is the lower mind, the human ego, that uses fear to create opposition to distract you from realizing that Light which you are. Opposition is a human construct. We say to you, dissolve it! It serves you not!

Focus your attention on peace and you will create more of it. Focus your attention on opposition and you will only create more of that. Understand you, that health, happiness, love, joy and ecstasy are products of inner peace. Disease, lack, criticisms, struggle and pain are the products of opposition and what do you do with all those things? In your efforts to

right them you continue to oppose them.

On the surface you may say, "I am a peaceful person and I oppose nothing". We urge you to look deep within with purity of heart and honesty. Allow yourself to be free of all of those self imposed infliction's of opposition.

In the world of polarity many operate from a place of acute criticism and judgment declaring this the right way and that the wrong way. Creating vast extremes of right and wrong. Extending the polarity further out each time a new extreme of right is realized, and then the polar opposite extreme of wrong is realized. The pendulum swings endlessly between extremes of these opposing forces and further drives the opposition. There is a distorted

balance in the righting of the wrongs. When the pendulum stops swinging and lies still between the polarity of right and wrong, dark and light, good and evil, then there is peace. Peace lies between the polarity not to one side of it.

As long as you judge one way or the other as being right or wrong you will not have peace.

When you live your life in opposition, opposed to this or that opposed to the government, economics, materialism, politics, whatever it may be, you are not in peace. Even if the intention of your opposition is peace, you are not living peace when you are in opposition. Anything you view as wrong is an opposition. That may be difficult for many to accept, perhaps because it reveals the Truth of one being or not being consciously aligned with the

Higher Source. And that is all right. Your path will eventually lead you to peace. Peace knows itself to be balance and harmony and that is your natural state of being which your I Am is constantly inviting you to experience.

Seek peace within yourself. Uncover those areas where you hold opposition within your being. Uncover the core cause of your opposition and then make peace with it. If you are opposed to something because of an injustice done to you, make peace with that injustice. In that action you are at peace. You are not at peace until you have made peace within your own being.

Yes, there is injustice and yes, there is right action but the time for battle and opposition has ended. The time for quiet peace has commenced. When you can love - truly love that which opposes you without reacting in fear but responding instead with love, then your world will be transformed and return to its true nature, peace.

Be just in your own life. Be fair. Consider all of the consequences of your actions. Be conscious of the cause and effect not only the effect on you but the effect on all else. The effect on the whole. If whatever you do does not resonate with peace on all levels, than we say to you that you are not in peace. If this be the case, then your words of peace are mere lip service. You cannot create in the outer world that which you do not resonate within.

Your choices in all that you do, think and speak are the truth of your state of consciousness. Make not an allegory or a fantasy of peace. It is not something that will drop down from the heavens upon you and wash away all of humanity's nasty creations. Live peace within you now and it will rise up around you and transform even the darkest demonstration of opposition. Live peace now with every breath breathe it into life. There is great power in

peace and in peace there lies the solution to all things that do not harmonize with peace.

If you truly desire peace on Earth then be peace on Earth. Honor the Earth.

Honor each other. Stop fighting. Stop opposing. Stop judging. Stop competing. Stop finding fault. Begin loving. Begin caring. Begin acting in awareness, in consciousness, in compassion. Speak peace, think peace, act peacefully. Dream peace. Be at peace.

Dream of a time, a place, a way of living that exemplifies peace - a Utopia - if you will - cooperation, peace, love, harmony, joy, and balance. In the dream of peace solutions to all the problems of your world will be found and made manifest.

If you desire peace you must become peace. So be in peace. Recognize when you are in opposition and then ask your Christ Self, "What am I opposing? If all things are God and I am God, then why am I opposing myself? Help me to find peace. I surrender my opposition."

In order to raise your consciousness you must find peace between the dark and the light. Many of you have the perspective that peace lies in the whitest light. And indeed there is peace found there. However, the purest light cannot and will not be attained until all energy is reconciled and understood. That reconciliation and understanding lies in the space between

the polarity, the place of equality and balance, the place where peace is found. Peace is neither one polarity nor the other, it is the balance of both.

When you go out about your world and you observe the polarity and the distortions but you are at peace within yourself, you bring with your peace, the gifts of renewal, of hope, of change, of peace, harmony and rainbows. However, if when you observe the polarity and the distortions, you focus on all of the injustice and the lack of peace, well then you have lost your peace and you create that on which you focus.

You will know you have found peace when you can sit amongst those who oppose you and accept their perception with compassion. And in your truth and balanced knowing you demonstrate your balance and peace without opposing what appears to be the opposition. When you walk in the world and imagine peace and focus on the peace that is becoming, then you are creating peace.

Review your life. Where are you in peace? Where are you in opposition? Bring peace to your own opposing forces and the world will mirror that peace to you. If you look outside for peace and only find opposition this is a clue that there is opposition within. Your outer world reflects your inner world. When you are at peace the world will be in peace with you.

How many of you does it take to walk in peace without opposition before the rest of the world responds? We say to you dear ones that it takes a lot fewer that you think.

Do not disregard even the most minute gesture of peace, for in one moment a pure demonstration of love and peace could change the world and create miracles within it. It could disintegrate weapons before your eyes, it could stop bullets mid air, it could even melt the darkest heart of a war monger. It truly is that simple. Love and peace create love and peace.

We ask you from our heart not to be discouraged by that which is being out-pictured in your world. The distortions, through which much has been created, will come to peace. You all carry peace within you. Peace is Truth. It is who you are. But you will not bear witness to this peace descending upon you out of the ethers, as it is up to you to create its manifestation.

We implore you to create peace in all aspects of your life.

Make peace significant in your own life. Bring peace into your own awareness. Be a bringer of peace and you will soon see peace all around you and others will follow your lead, and then you will have a world at peace. A Divine Demonstration, indeed.

Love one another and peace shall prevail. Drop your oppositions, your competitions, your inner wars. As you become peace you create peace. Be love and you create love. Be in opposition and well you know the rest.

We love you and we leave you in peace, to ponder peace. May peace be with you in your hearts, your minds and your manifestations.

I AM Peacefully at your service,

St. Germain.

22-Mar-03, 10:51
Tell me again Gleeber - who's pie is in the Sky?

22-Mar-03, 16:47
Thanks for posting St. Germain's treatise on peace. A very good reminder, not only for these trying times, but for every single day of our lives. -Helen

22-Mar-03, 17:24
Tell me again Gleeber - who's pie is in the Sky?

Who's would you like it to be kw14?

Honor each other. Stop fighting. Stop opposing. Stop judging. Stop competing. Stop finding fault. Begin loving. Begin caring. Begin acting in awareness, in consciousness, in compassion. Speak peace, think peace, act peacefully. Dream peace. Be at peace.

22-Mar-03, 19:34
Holy Books and Virgins! What is this from our ould Friend?

Sir Gleeber, perchance 'tis true that ye are an ould hippy efter all? Will ye soon be donnin' yer kaftan and postin' Pirsig & Capra?

And there was me thinkin' 'at St Germain was a football club...

BTW I still owe ye a pint from some long lost thread -- ye can tell me all aboot peace and God if I ever get aroond ti' buyin' ye yon pintee.

Peace Man, Peace.
Dr :evil

25-Mar-03, 06:20
I was hoping this thread might start a long, passionate, serious dialogue on the virtues and importance of peace in the world.

It's very interesting how folks have gotten so angry and have worked themselves into a froth with the war debate, and prefer to keep arguing about it.

Shouldn't this tell us something? :roll:

25-Mar-03, 07:53
I am not at all angry Sassylass and I have not entered into any arguments about the war.

I am against the war per se, but now that it has started support our troops 100%.

My initial comment was why was the post called American Pie in the sky? Peace in the world is an admirable aim - problem is there are too many despotic regimes around. Okay blame the USA, but it takes two - we can argue/discuss why not Korea etc etc the smple fact of the matter is that the Iraqi regime is a terrible one. My point was that the whole thing is pie in the sky.

I never hear these leftie peace protester types condeming acts of terrorism, I even had to sit and watch the likes of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness take part in peace marches - give me a break :(

25-Mar-03, 08:32
I am not at all angry Sassylass and I have not entered into any arguments about the war.
I never hear these leftie peace protester types condeming acts of terrorism, I even had to sit and watch the likes of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness take part in peace marches - give me a break :(

Your probably too smart to understand pie in the sky kw14.
St Germain says peace is a state of being.
Some of the lefties you so readily condemn, see only peace as an option.
Can you understand a group of people who consider the energy we use to talk about war or no war as the same energy.
Thats the pie in the sky im talking about.

25-Mar-03, 09:34
Gleeber let me say I am against the war.

Let me also say that I was dismayed when aircraft full of innocent victims plunged into the twin towers. I am even more dismayed by people who see this evil act as one that was America's comeuppence, that it was somehow justified.

I know perfectly well what type of energy you are talking about, I only wish those who thought this contributed a bit more energy into making our world a better place rather than thinking about it - but then again maybe I am too clever (sic)

25-Mar-03, 15:25
Well folks i have waited til now to post because i took a while to read and think about the writing. I am not quite as clever as you lot maybe.

I cant pretend i understand the writings Gleeber so thoughtfully posted for us. Rummaging around the web for further enlightenment didnt help much either. :eek:

There is a paradox in that the more we search for peace in our lives the more it appears to elude us - we become more frustrated and even desperate for it and therefore it becomes more and more difficult to find. Occasionally we find it only to see it slip out of our grasp as we chase after it down the road. If we cannot find peace for ourselves then is there really a hope for finding peace for the world?

That said there are things that we can take from the thoughts of St Germain on peace. It is wise for us to remember that in all things "behaviour breeds behaviour" as someone succinctly pointed out to me recently when i was behaving slightly badly. So this is my "thought for the day" from Gleebers posts.

"Honor each other. Stop fighting. Stop opposing. Stop judging. Stop competing. Stop finding fault. Begin loving. Begin caring. Begin acting in awareness, in consciousness, in compassion"

Peace - I wish ......... I would settle for boring, dull and quiet just now.

25-Mar-03, 18:36
I'm confused. The Oxford dictionary defines pie in the sky as:
(informal) "a pleasant prospect that is very unlikely to be realized." :~(

25-Mar-03, 22:54
Thankyou for a very thought provoking passage.I too have a quote,
" There is no just war,there is no holy war,there is just war" maybe someone will be able to tell me who said that.

26-Mar-03, 00:41
Maybe someone will be able to tell me who said that.

I know who said it... :lol: