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10-Nov-07, 20:05
ok, no piccy i am afraid, but only a description.
It was definately a cormorant or shag (i still can't tell the difference!), but its neck was white/light grey? i got binoculars on it and it definately had nothing wrapped round its neck - would it have just been an oddball or is it some sort of visitor? it was swimming and diving in the fish harbour at scrabster this lunch time. i didn't have my camera with me sorry or there would have been a photo.

10-Nov-07, 23:43
Any idea on the rest of it's colour Tugs?
Adult Comorants have whitish cheeks that can extend to about half way down their necks.they appear to have a dark back which from a distance would look almost peat coloured with a greenish irridescent breast.
The only other thing that comes to mind is a Great Northern Diver that on the water would have a similar outline but a shorter neck, in winter plumage it has a dark top to it's head, greyish white face and neck that extends to it's underbelly.

11-Nov-07, 01:38
Hiya lizz,
to all outward looks i was looking at a cormorant, same beak, colour, everything! it's feathers around it's neck where white/light grey like it was a scarf though. Definately not a diver, i can tell the difference between them and cormorants/shags lol

11-Nov-07, 16:29
Never one to resist a challenge I took these 2 in Scrabster harbour this afternoon. Is the lighter one the one you saw tuggy?
Looking through my birdy book the best I could decide it was, is a red throated diver. The book tells me they lose their distictive throat colour in winter. Can somebody give a definite answer?
I'm pretty sure the second one is a cormorant.



11-Nov-07, 16:32
This one was out of the water and although a cormorant was distinctly lighter than most.

11-Nov-07, 18:14
Hiya GH :)
no it wasn't the diver, we see that regularly, the one i am quizzing about is definately a cormorant but with white feathers round it's neck, other than that it looks exactly like all the other cormorants (dark in colour) in the harbour.

16-Nov-07, 00:11
saw it again and grabbed the camera, sorry for the blurriness it was really keen on fishing and diving!


16-Nov-07, 02:00
He he you an' me had the same thoughts grumphippo...but I bet we are agreed that the pic. posted by Tugs is definetly a comorant.

16-Nov-07, 08:00
Guess it was just a weirdo marked cormorant :) at least you know i wasn't seeing things lol

16-Nov-07, 08:32
Have to agree its a cormorant. A bit like me....going grey at the edges:lol::lol:

16-Nov-07, 22:24
Looks more like a Shag to me. Cormorants have much bigger white patches on their cheeks, and the yellow mouth is a little more noticable on a Shag.
"When not breeding adults have duller plumage and paler chin."...that bit's oot a book!

17-Nov-07, 20:11
See where your comming from Aaldtimer perhaps this link will settle the difference.

http://www.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/birdguide/name/c/cormorant/index.asp (http://forum.caithness.org/go.php?url=http://www.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/birdguide/name/c/cormorant/index.asp)#

The second illustration on this link looks very Tuggies picture but then if you go to the shag link the second one there look very similar. I don't suppose the bird really cares as long as it is getting plenty to eat:lol::lol: