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10-Nov-07, 01:46
Can any .Orgers recommend anyone locally, who may be able to replace the glass screen on a mobile phone (the glass is cracked, but LED below is unharmed)?

I had hoped to get it replaced on my insurance (this phone is less than three weeks old), but apparently I can't get the same model, only options of 4 other phones which are all over a year old. Arrggghhh, but that's another thread:roll:!

13-Nov-07, 12:39
Hi weebird I think the only place that i know of who might be able to help would be marks mobiles in inverness think the shop is behind wollies. Never heard of anyone locally who does it but maybe there is.

squashed frog
16-Nov-07, 10:54
Have a look on EBAY for a new screen and fit it yourself, I did a Motorola one for my father a few weeks ago, about 4 for the screen, it comes with the adhesive already applied, just pull the old broken one out and pop the new one in.

Hope this helps

16-Nov-07, 22:44
Thanks for the advice, Telfordstar & SF :).

MrBurd is currently trying to source a new casing unit for me so we can replace it ourselves. Unfortunately the on-line companies we've contacted can't help as it's a relatively new model, and what few cases they did possess, have already been used for repairs - doesn't bode well for my lovely new phone, eh? :roll:

16-Nov-07, 23:43
hi try down the lane beside woolworths in inverness there is a mobile phone shop there what does repairs and unlocks phones as well there tele no is 01463236644 i think that is the number hope that helps