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09-Nov-07, 10:56
A couple of weeks ago I was standing outside the house when I saw a buzzard coming in pretty low into a tree, the next thing I see is a peregrine come stooping down onto it, I've only ever seen a peregrine stoop once,so to see it do that to a buzzard was incredible .They then started a bit of a battle .It was quite amazing to watch.
Has anyone else seen any birds of prey quarreling?

09-Nov-07, 14:03
The buzzard in Greenland gets chased around by the rooks. Its a bit of a wuss, I am sure if it was a little braver it's life would be easier.

10-Nov-07, 02:02
Don't know if you have been watching "Autumn Watch," but there have been some interesting revelations about birds of prey on there.
I live in an urban connurbation so no buzzards, although I am familiar with them.
We do get a sparrowhawk from time to time in the garden and there are kestrels locally but nothing bigger, but the resident birds will mob any bird of prey that appears on the scene.

13-Nov-07, 19:43
Last month I saw 2 buzzards and 2 crows attack an immature eagle over a sheep carcass.

George Brims
09-Jan-08, 22:37
I live in California where we have red-tailed hawks, about the size of a buzzard in Scotland. Watching the crows pester the hawks is almost a daily occurrence at my house. There is a bunch of trees up the street where the crows roost, and the hawks' hunting area encompasses the trees. I always thought the crows pestered the hawks out of competition for food, until one day in another part of town I saw a hawk take a young crow for lunch. The hawk flew by me about waist height, pursued by 20+ adult crows, and dropped the young crow on the street. A young girl picked it up and an old lady passing by told her of a veterinary place up the street where she could take it for repair (one eye was hanging out).