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08-Nov-07, 14:17
I'm booked in for a tension back massage this afternoon, I'm quite excited about the thought of having some much-needed pampering! Anyone had a similar treatment at the college? How was it? :D

08-Nov-07, 15:19
Yes i had a massage at the college last year & it was fantastic - just enjoy every minute ;)

09-Nov-07, 03:18
oooh Im green with envy. I used to find the tension massage so relaxing and went every couple of weeks, it was only 5. I must start going again. They are very good with all their treatments, hair and beauty.

09-Nov-07, 11:50
A few of my friends go every months for pamper session and they say it's great. Must get booked in myself!!

11-Nov-07, 18:06
when do they do treatments for the public and how do you book in?

12-Nov-07, 16:46
i am a hair and beauty student at the college and the public can come into the hair salon on wednesdays and thursdays 1pm-7.45pm and fridays 9am-12.15pm.

beauty is wednesdays and thursdays 1pm-7pm

you can call the hair and beauty academy direct on 889540 for booking in for hair and i think its the same number for beauty.

the treatments are good i know and very well priced some friends have been in and of course i have had stuff done being in there and having to train:Razz