View Full Version : Where Are All The Scots?

Ciocia Laura
28-Aug-05, 01:50
i signed up at Book Crossing and have released some books into the wild. However, when i went to look under "Scotland" not one name did i find from Caithness and only three members from the entire country!

Books just wanna be FREE! See what I mean at:

28-Aug-05, 10:39
I did sign up to it a long time ago and released a book or 2, Never read paper books these days since I got a pda. Now I just read e-books and they are not so easy to release. I know of at least one other caithness person that has done it in the past.


Ciocia Laura
28-Aug-05, 19:11
Maybe you didn't add your location. There were only three people in scotland and no listing for Caithness.
Good to see you, though. i'll add you to my "friends" list. <smile>

Ciocia Laura
28-Aug-05, 19:15
Ach! It's because you're all listed under United Kingdom and the three others are listed under Scotland alone. LOL

29-Aug-05, 01:08
Hmm its not like me to list my location as UK when Scotland is an option. Must of missed that bit when I signed up.

edit from the link I gave it gives my location as

home Thurso, Scotland United Kingdom