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02-Nov-07, 13:03
hi looking for somewhere to go out to tonight for dinner, in thurso and somewhere a 3year old will be ok in

please dont suggest the central

footie chick
02-Nov-07, 14:53
The Pentland has a good kids menu proper chicken in the chicken fillets ;) and homemade burgers.

03-Nov-07, 10:15
well we ended up go to y-not, the food was lovely, the wee one loved her pizza and salad, only down fall was that prob because of the time we went there was groups of lads, and their language was foul!

mums angels
03-Nov-07, 23:09
I have taken the children to many places for dinner up here and i find most of them are ok with children ...upper deck , portland arms , forss house etc . i always take a few things to keep them entertained though ..few toys and colouring stuff is always helpful and for those places that don't have a childs menu are usually quite happy to do smaller portions at a cut down price .

i have yet to try y-not it looks good and i have heard good things but don't seem to be able to convince hubby to give it a try as he remembers it as the redwood :( off out for lunch next week with a mate though so might see if she fancys trying it :D

04-Nov-07, 10:05
hey mums angel it is good,there isnt a huge selection on menu but think they are updating it to a winter menu, for kids they do half portions which was good as the wee one loved her pizza and it was the right size for her