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01-Nov-07, 19:55
There are a range of these available from Boots, wee tins of lovely smelling mixtures that are very adaptable.

My fave is the Tangerine Breeze Lip and Body balm which moisturises and protects lips and skin and also removes the scuff marks from leather.

It smells and tastes great, lasts forever and brings my new boots and old handbags back to new.

The range are olive oil based which makes them heaps more pleasant to use than the 'waxy' alternatives.

A perfect winter companion!:D


02-Nov-07, 20:55
As a member of North Northants Badger group,I was nearly reaching for my official hat there-thought you might be starting the cull early;)

02-Nov-07, 22:58

You can stand down your patrol officer horseman!

The badgers are safe wi' me!

Lovely creatures,..... and so easy to spread!;)

Getting my coat!:lol:

Love Karia