View Full Version : Sky Broadband ?????

01-Nov-07, 17:25
Does anyone have Sky broadband? Sounds like a good deal on the 8meg for a 5, but I would like to hear from other users before I commit.

02-Nov-07, 17:52
Have tried to get this on numerous occasions but am told it is not available yet in Thurso.

02-Nov-07, 20:18
correct, caithness aint got it yet and its nearly a year since it was launched

08-Nov-07, 00:45
Called Sky and they do have Sky broadband here but the 5 a month 8meg download speed advertised is 17 here!!!

08-Nov-07, 09:50
Hi you can only get Sky Connect for 17 a month which is the same as any ADSL provider.

The reason as to why Sky does not have the 5 offer is because the exchanges in caithness are not LLU.

Local Loop Unbundling(LLU) is the process by which third party network operators (Sky in this case) are able to install equipment in to BT telephone exchanges in order to provide their own services without having to touch BT's network and this can provide faster speeds.

As far as i was aware that Sky were meant to be installing the equipment at the end of 2007 but it looks like it will be the end of 2008.

They are enabling exchanges by the matter of interest. So if we want this then we are going to have to register our interest on their website.

Hope this explains your answer