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01-Nov-07, 14:36
Just to let you all know me and my friend popped into the harbour cafe today my first time going in under the new management. I can safely say that it was the best bacon and egg roll we have ever had and the coffee was lovely as well. We will definately be going back very soon. The service was spot on it makes all the difference when the person serving you takes the time to banter with the customers. Good luck to the new owners :)

01-Nov-07, 14:41
That's good to hear! It was on a downward spiral for a while before it was taken over. Didn't realise it was open again yet thought it would be a wee while longer yet. Will need to give it a try.

01-Nov-07, 16:34
That is really very good to know. Shall be down there as soon as.


01-Nov-07, 17:44
trust me you will not be disappointed all home cooked food, excellent service and trust me their homemade cakes are to die for.
listen to me I sound like a food critic:lol:

04-Nov-07, 02:31
Do they still do the bacon mac's?..............they were lovely.. The rolls were the best and if the bacon was cripsy it made it even tastier :D

04-Nov-07, 09:55
Was in yesterday had the all day breakfast was lovely but a bit pricey.