View Full Version : Glasgow Airport Car parking

31-Oct-07, 21:33
Has anyone used the Travelodge at Glasgow airport car park while on holiday instead of the long stay car park?

I'm trying to find out if the car park is secure enough to leave car there, or whether I should use the long stay car park.

01-Nov-07, 12:02
I'm not sure if it was the travelodge we stayed at or not, but we did stay somewhere that gave us 14 days parking included in the price of the hotel room.

I wouldn't say the car park was 'secure' - its just a hotel car park, but our car was fine there and I would use it again.

01-Nov-07, 13:15
We have stayed at the Holiday Inn several times and left the car. It is taken to a secure car park, and returned to the hotel in readiness for your return. It is really super, as you can walk to the terminal, without waiting for a pickup. We have used Q Park many times and it is also great.

01-Nov-07, 14:55
Have to agree Scunner, have used this many times and they do take your car to a secure park for the duration of your holiday and then have it ready for pickup when you return.

01-Nov-07, 20:36
Yes - we have used the Holiday Inn a few times now - no problems with the car and the hotel is good.:)

lady penelope
01-Nov-07, 21:55
I have never used it myself but my parents think it's great. My dad loves his precious cars and would never risk damage.They find it good value and use the free shuttlebus to and from the airport.:)