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31-Oct-07, 02:24
I was in the Silver Darlings on Saturday evening with my Uncle to celebrate his birthday. When we walked in the waitress offered to hang our jackets up which isn't done in many other restaurants in Wick. That was a nice touch.

We sat down at our table which we booked. The waitress took our drinks over to our table. We had a friendly chat with her as well.

I had a gammon steak with pineapple chutney with either potatoes or chips so I had chips. My Uncle had a 12oz sirloin steak with chips. The price of these were worth it. We ordered a sweet not long after the plates were cleared. My uncle had profitaroles with chocolate sauce and I was given Tia Maria cheesecake. I like the liqueur but the cheesecake tasted perfect with them together which was made by the Chef.

Once we had finished, i asked for the bill and it returned later with two sweets along with the receipt which is a nice touch again.

We had a conversation with the manager before we started saying that our meal was excellent and gave 10 out of 10 for the outstanding work and meals we had seen since we walked in the door. We asked him who the Chef was. Her name is Maria Lamont who is no relation to Murray Lamont from the Mackays Hotel he added. He told us that Maria makes everything in the kitchen from scratch. Everything is homemade in the Silver Darlings.

I persoally beieve in the good old fashioned statement, 'you get what you pay for' and I can say that is what happened on Saturday night.

Please leave a comment to discuss what you thought of your meal in the Silver Darlings.

Marc MacDonald

31-Oct-07, 22:00
I like to see right good positive posts like that.:)
Well said, wish I was on hand to try it.:D

31-Oct-07, 23:47
Had an excellent bar lunch there one day but unfortunately do not know who was cooking. Could not fault the meal. Also the staff were very attentive.
Must admit the waiter in Raymond Chef also offered to take our coats and was equally pleasant and attentive.
Two good, but different eating places in such close proximity.

02-Nov-07, 17:01
I made a few spelling mistakes. I spelt the chefs name wrong. She is called 'Marie Lamont' not 'Maria Lamont'. I missed spelt two words wrong near the end of the posting.

I personally believe in the good old fashioned statement, 'you get what you pay for' and I can say that is what happened on Saturday night.


Colin MacDonald
04-Nov-07, 20:49
Sounds great. Good to see such a positive recommendation.
Will try the next time I'm in Wick

05-Nov-07, 02:15
I was in the silver darlings maybe 2 months ago and I can not speak anymore highly about the place! we were served by a lovely waiter who went out of his way totally to occupy my 1 year old to leave us to enjoy our dinner! The food was excellent and whilst maybe a bit more than your greasy spoon prices was well worth it!!!