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30-Oct-07, 23:35
can anyone recommend what internet security they use? at the moment i use norton but it runs out nxt month. advice needed please

30-Oct-07, 23:50
Quite happy using AVG free anti-virus package on our home PCs - it doesn't slow the system down like Norton does. It can be downloaded from http://free.grisoft.com

I'm also quite happy with XP SP2s built-in firewall although we're also behind a hardware firewall (built into our router/modem) which helps put my mind at ease.

Other than that we run Windows Defender (free through XPs Windows Update and as part of Vista) as a background malware package, but can also recommend Spybot (http://www.safer-networking.org) and Adaware (http://www.lavasoft.com) for running if your system is prone to malware.

That pretty much covers it for us!