View Full Version : french restaurant wick

28-Oct-07, 21:55
had a great meal there the other night, service was excellent , and the food was out of this world , had the best fillet steak ever ...

mums angels
29-Oct-07, 12:01
we are planning on trying the place next time my folks are visiting i have heard good things about it in the past. Did you find the prices reasnoble? as i was recently told that the portions were poor for the price of the meal ..is this true?

29-Oct-07, 12:28
we found the servings just bang on , from the starters thru to the sweet every thing seemed to be of just the right amount , and for the 3 courses plust 2 good bottles of wine , coffee it came in well priced as far as we were both concerned, so i would reccomend it , but make sure you book your tables as it can be hard to get a booking some times ..

mums angels
29-Oct-07, 21:20
Thanks very much ..will give it a try when the folks come up soon ...