View Full Version : Left over bolognese

28-Oct-07, 17:30
If I make bolognese and have some left this is what I do:
Make some savoury pancakes.
Spoon some of the bolognese inside and fold over.
Smear tomato puree over the top and sprinkle with cheese.(sometimes I put onion on top as well)
Cook in hot oven.
Its "pancake Italienne" used to serve it in the Blackstairs when it first opened and always went down well.
Its a bit like a bolognese pizza I suppose.

Another alternative is to use the pancakes instead of lasgane sheets when making Lasagne.

Trust me you'll love it!! :)

28-Oct-07, 19:06
sounds good hotrod!if I have leftovers I usually add a bit of chilli to it then put it on crusty frenchbread,cover with cheese and toast under the grill,very nice too :) x

mums angels
28-Oct-07, 21:14
i make lasagne with the mine :D

Anne x
29-Oct-07, 00:18
Lasagne as well with lovely garlic bread Mmmm