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25-Oct-07, 16:32
Had lunch in silver darlings today. I had courgette and mint soup and a duck with hoisin sauce wrap AND sticky toffee pudding. It was BRILLIANT. The service was excellent and we were greeted at the door and made to feel really welcome. The place is looking great and I will certainly be going again.

25-Oct-07, 17:21
I've only been the once, can't say I was impressed at all. The service was great but the food was not up to much at all.

05-Nov-07, 22:50
I like the meals I have had since the new chef has been with the Silver Darlings. The chef started 2 weeks ago. My wife had pasta carbonara and I had gammon with pineapple chutney. Sweets were Tia Maria cheese cake and Sticky Toffee pudding. I haven't been to a nicer restaurant than the Silver darlings. Robert Sutherland the new manager is doing well so far! Nice conversation with him and the waitress.

There is a big band playing.

Top class, well recommended!

11-Nov-07, 23:16
Was in the Silver Darlings tonight and just to say that it was fantastic! i had heard so many mixed reports so thought i would try it out myself.....can't see what could be wrong myself! And the prices were actually really really reasonable, Will definitely be going back, and would recommend it to anyone!!!!!!!!!!

lady penelope
23-Nov-07, 13:45
Went there last night for my birthday.Would highly recommend it. Our 9 year old son came with us and wasn't sure of the menu, but enjoyed his pasta dish, then played on the keyboard for the rest of the night. Prices were really good and service couldn't be better.;)

26-Nov-07, 21:54
food and service was good, but not much of a choice if you are a bit fussy like me and the bairn.

30-Nov-07, 23:09
Was ther for lunch today..
10 out of 10!!
Will definatly b returning, jst had a main course.. couldnt handle anymore!
Lovely atmosphere and friendly staff.