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25-Oct-07, 09:50
What dance lessons are there in Wick?
Anything will do, I've always wanted to learn and now I'm determined to learn some.
Salsa, Meringue, Cha cha cha, anything?

Also I heard that theres Salsa lessons in the club/pub near Somerfield Wick soon, anyone know the details?

25-Oct-07, 10:53
OMG poo, just peed my pants thinking about YOU dancing lol lol lol :lol: oh well i surpose its as bad as me with my singing !! Is it something to do with our age do you think ????:eek: jan x

Mrs Sweetie
25-Oct-07, 11:33
Lorraine Bremner is doing country dancing lessons in The Waterfront on Thursdays at 7.45 pm. You can call her on 07769736006 after 6 pm.

She also teaches salsa etc. so she might be doing that on another night. :)