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16-Mar-03, 16:01
be interseting to know what peeps in caithness think about the influx of "johnny foreigner" into the UK.
personally i think we give them too easy a time i feel for the genuine people fleeing persecution but we seem to be over-run by the bogus ones.
Its about time we put up a wall to keep them out especially when they are sponging off the system and running riot through our towns and villages.
with war looming we will be over-run with them and will put an even worse strain on our economy.
Be interesting to se what every one else thinks.

16-Mar-03, 20:53
oh no here we go again theyre still rantin& ravin efter at last message ye left aboot e war sign!!see ye min yer a beeger warmonger than bush !!lol :lol:

16-Mar-03, 21:15
Weel said darklighter, him and londonwicker are a pair an I notice they are nowhere near the Gulf

17-Mar-03, 09:16
Surely someones geographical location does not make their views irreleven?

By the way I am in Saudi Arabia ;)

17-Mar-03, 14:27
be interseting to know what peeps in caithness think about the influx of "johnny foreigner" into the UK.
personally i think we give them too easy a time i feel for the genuine people fleeing persecution but we seem to be over-run by the bogus ones.
Its about time we put up a wall to keep them out especially when they are sponging off the system and running riot through our towns and villages.
with war looming we will be over-run with them and will put an even worse strain on our economy.
Be interesting to se what every one else thinks.

Now you know I think you are a sweetie but this is nonsense

This country is 92% white. Muslims for example as the largest minority make up less than 3% of the population.

91.6% of our population was born in the UK
only 6% were born outside europe

Asylum applications in 2002 were 85865 which amounts to 0.14% of the poulation.

OverRun????? I think not.

In 2002 the UN produced statistics which showed that the number of bogus asylum seekers were relatively small. They still remain a problem and what is needed is a more effective way of screening and identifying those who are not genuinely fleeing for their lives. This requires money and investment in the Immigration service - training and recruitment of staff which will allow decisions to be made quickly and those people who do not fulfill the strict rules for asylum to be dealt with promptly. The asylum system does not work well - but you cant blame the asylum seekers for that.

Crime? Well there are good and bad in every race of people. some break the law - most are law abiding and grateful to be safe. Running Riot? Well - i am not aware of a huge problem with this. Of course I am aware of the race riots of recent times but these appeared to be in places where there was a large well established ethnic minority populations and refelcted the failure of particular local authorities to deal with the issue of urban decay and degradation and the disenfranchisement of the young people in those areas. Not an asylum seeker issue.

The Scroungers issue is one of the most laughable. As an asylum seeker you would not be entitled to many benefots like Income support, income based job seekers allowance , and some housing benefits. You may be entitled to contributory benefits like Contribution based Jobseekers allowance but you would have to fulfill the conditions for that - having paid National insrance contributions in a country with which the UK has an agreement. There are exceptions to this - the benefit rules are notoriously complex - but these are few and far between and cover cases for example where people

are a national of former Zaire or Sierra Leone and were in Britain on the date each of these countries were declared to be undergoing 'significant upheaval' (16.5.97 and 1.7.97 respectively) and you claimed asylum within 3 months of the relevant declaration;

So these exceptional cases are literally that - exceptional. In my time i have heard the view that you put forward about these so called scroungers expressed in many different ways. Most of these comments are from people who are ignorant of the systems and in this ignorance believe that "you only need a black face and the government gives you 20 more than anyone else" or " it would be all right if i was from Iraq..afghanistan.. croatia... pakistan... india... china.. vietnam.. (depending on whats in the news) I would get my money then." In fact, fairly recently, someone suggested that If they were an alcoholic the government would give them more benefit than someone who was not an alcoholic.

It isnt true. Asylum seekers do not have access to huge sums of tax payers money in the way that the word "scroungers" implies. They live in properties which are otherwise empty... they receive vouchers for food and clothing... often they are not allowed to work...they have gone through often terrrible traumas and awful experiences... thay face hostility from ill informed people and they have often had to leave their families behind.

Choose that way of life would you?

17-Mar-03, 15:40
:D good day......i seem to re-call offical goverment figures released 2 weeks ago,saying that over 120,000 people made claims for economic aslyum in the uk last year.these figures dont really affect the people of scotland,or should i say,north of glasgow,or edinburgh.i live in london,where masses of aslyum seekers,have overwhelmed local authorities housing depts,nhs services,etc.the vast majority of them being 20 something males.no-body doubts that there are genuine cases of persecution,and well founded claims for asylum.60% of these claimants will not be given asylum.its well know britian is seen as a soft touch,among people trafficking gangs.homeless hostels in london,cant help there own uk domestic citizens,because local authorities have placed an overwhelming burden of asylum seekers,looking for housing,in these homeless hostels.ovbiously charity dosent begin at home,for londons domestic homeless.basically what im saying,homeless uk citizens cant get off the streets into hostels,because asylum seekers are there already.the vast majority of these asylum seekers have friends,or families in london or uk,and most of them will work in the black market economy,as well as recieving state aid.trust me....i see this every day.everyone down here in london,and the south east knows about the widescale abuse of the asylum system,and its costing the uk billions of pounds in taxpayers money.which would be better spent elsewhere.trouble is,its often very difficult to sort out the bogus asylum seeker,from the ones fleeing persecution.go to the uk immigration centre at croydon,south london.and see the long line,of single,young males waiting to present there asylum claim.heres a good con,perpertrated by married asylum seekers in london.they get a flat,for there family.and then tell the local authorities there splitting up with there partner,thus in turn,the male moves back into a hostel,awaiting another flat.when he gets one,he rents it out for say 6oo per month,and moves back in with the wife.ive seen this,and a host of other cons going on down here.we have no idea who we are letting in.london is made up of large communitys,ie turks...north london...afro-carribean...south london.etc.kurds fight turks,and the large gangs are all into illegal drugs,prostotution etc.most of these people who are involved in serious crime in london..are..youve guesed it......asylum seekers...given leave to remain.theres problems down here,like youve never seen the likes off,with these bogus asylum seekers.offcourse,these problems will never touch people in caithness,unless its in there pocket,ie tax. have a nice day........londonwicker :D

17-Mar-03, 17:03
Do you speak like you write? Can you not stick a few paragraphs in your posts for us oldees?
If you're trying to get a point across it is more likely to be read if it is laid out a wee bit better.
I mean I'll quite happily settle for a few sentences with capitals at the start - of course if your return key/shift key is knackered then it will explain all :lol:

http://hometown.aol.co.uk/MadPict/images/borgsmile.gifMadPict - squinting from eyestrain

17-Mar-03, 17:09
ltrouble is,its often very difficult to sort out the bogus asylum seeker,from the ones fleeing persecution

I said it before - the asylum system is a mess - more and better trained staff and a policy which is based on a coherent package of policingthe system, help and support rather than "lets just pile them up in a corner and see how long it takes us to get through them" -would help.

offcourse,these problems will never touch people in caithness,unless its in there pocket,

Of course these problems touch people in Caithness. I have seen a few comments made which suggest that because we live here in Caithness we are ill informed or lack an understanding of the wider picture. Just for the record... not everyone has lived in Caithness all their lives and many of us will move away - maybe even further than londonwicker - before we depart this earth. Even if we have lived here all our lives we are as concerned about issues affecting society as any one. We have relatives friends who live throught the UK and abroad and many of us have had experiences which mirror those of people who dont live in Caithness. We often have opinions which are formulated after a lifetime of experiences good or bad. It is extrememly patronising to suggest that because we live here in this wonderful remarkable place we have no comprehension of things outside our wee corner.

17-Mar-03, 20:38

17-Mar-03, 20:48
Ach Darklighter,
an I thought ye were one o the "enlightened ones" :lol: ,
now ye have shown yersel till be just lek G Dubbya an his lap doggie Tony, just oot till con the public of their hard earned cash, an that ither chiel who is always trying till plug strange bands wi strange sounding names also trying till plug things called CD's ( they dinna fit my radiogram ) :mad:


19-Mar-03, 16:07
Perhaps Londonwickers posts aren't made up of paragraphs with correct punctuation etc but, what he says is true. He lives in London and is seeing first hand what goes on with regards to asylum seekers.

I was in London over Christmas and was walking along the pavement near Harrods when I witnessed a girl of about 16 or so, she was sitting on the pavement holding a child who couldn't have been more than 6 - 8 weeks in age. I couldn't believe that this could be happening in modern day Britain. I felt terrible and gave her five pound coins, as she was holding her hands out, begging. I was thinking about contacting the authorities as a young baby shouldn't be sitting on a freezing pavement all day, surely someone would take pity on them? But, I just moved on. Then a short distance along the same pavement, another young woman with a slightly older child?? :confused , also begging, then further along, an old woman begging :confused , after asking people, it turned out that they were asylum seekers who were making a kings ransom every week in central London, through begging. I was just one of many mugs taken in by the pathetic scene with the baby.

I'm not against genuine asylum seekers, people in need but, it seems that our soft touch society has been taken advantage of.

I was in Hull train station a few months back, PAYING for my ticket when a Kosovan asylum seeker marched in with his FREE TRAVEL VOUCHER to visit relatives in Liverpool hahaha, talk about soft touch. The Kosovans in Hull are regularly on the trains with their FREE VOUCHERS, FREE MOBILE PHONES AND LEATHER JACKETS, this is all paid for them. There are 2000 single Kosovan males in Hull, all living in the Newlands Avenue area, they have nice furnished flats, bikes, mobile phones, leather jackets, free travel and would you believe it, some of them have been given cheap used cars, this is true.
They are bored , of course, all single men with no wives in Hull and a lot of them are harrassing females in Hull and also following women on their own who are carrying handbags. There have been incidences of bag snatching involving Kosovan men. I'm not saying they are all bad, far from it but, we have enough problems in the UK with muggings, attacks, break-inns etc without adding to it.

I would like to know why there are so many single male asylum seekers in the UK, where are their wives and children? Do they desert them and come here living it up on welfare?

How many terrorists are now living in our midst? People who have claimed Asylum? We will probably never know. [disgust]

I'm not a racist and not anti asylum as many gaurdian readers might say, I'm also not politically correct and don't pussyfoot around, too afraid to open my mouth and air my views in MY OWN COUNTRY, afraid of offending people. If we lived in Saudi Arabia or Iraq, would we be allowed to walk around the streets protesting and finding fault with the rules of the said countries? You know the answer............... NO WAY.
When in other countries, abide by that countries rules. They should do the same here.

Genuine refugees should be given help. But the system needs to be completely overhauled, quickly. I wonder how many future terrorist activities in the UK will be found out to have been caused by people who have claimed asylum? :mad:

I always used to say, live and let live but, its becoming a serious issue.


19-Mar-03, 19:21
yes squidge i know you think i am as sweetie and i think you are a sweetie too but........

Do you honestly believe the figures that the government put out??
It is a well known fact that figures can be manipulated by them that control them.

What we should do with mr &mrs foreigner is put them in a holding camp (not a prison) ,but a well run camp until they can be processed.If they are genuinely fleeing persecution then staying in a holding centre would seem like a luxury and is surely better than what they claim to be fleeing!

Why qoute the figures on Muslims? i didnt mention muslims in my post i'm not discriminating against any religion or country ,ANY seeker coming here should be vetted to the highest degreee to check their status. After all if you apply for a job in the civil service you are vetted very strictly so why not do the same on assylum seekers??

You only have to look at "captain hook" to see their are people abusing this great country of ours taking our money and spouting his hate IN our country about our country!!.This maddens me if he dont like it he can get out!!! :evil

And a final note to golach why mention myself or londonwicker with regards the gulf??
How do you know i havent already been and done my bit?.It was rather a pointless note as it was irrelevant to the post(maybe yer gettin dottled!!!!) :D

19-Mar-03, 23:35
Hotrod sweetie

The figures i quoted came from the census.

The reason i quoted the figures from the muslim community was simply that the muslim community was the largest and i will/have altered my post to make that plain.

This obsession with the government altering figures amazes me. I dont get it...I know people who work in government departments and i have an understanding for the collation of statistics for presentation and planning from my work. I know that manipulating figures in any way is seen as serious misconduct. The figures from the census are surely some of the most accurate we have. We filled the forms in - we gave the information - why would it be fiddled with? It doesnt make sense. These are not seasonally adjusted - as i understand it they are straight collations of the information we provide.

I am quite sure that the information is collated by some poorly paid admin assistant sitting in an office having their work checked 546 times by a poorly paid executive officer sitting in an office who the passes it to a poorly paid higher executive officer who has to sign up to agree to 98% accuracy of the work his/ her team does and if they fail this then he wont get a pay rise so he certain sure makes sure it is right. Any errors are bound to be discovered by the incredibly huge number of checking officers, validators, monitors and quality assurance teams who in their turn are checked by further assurance teams who dont speak to anyone and appear as if by magic with a list of items they will check - putting the fear of god into the Admin officer, executive officer and higher executive officer.

Maybe the figures are not perfect but they will be pretty accurate for sure.

And anyone who thinks i have lost the plot should pm me and i will let you know what it is i do and then call me a liar!!!!!!!!!!!!! [evil]

Seems to me that people dont like it when things dont show the picture as they want it to be shown.

20-Mar-03, 00:49
Perhaps Londonwickers posts aren't made up of paragraphs with correct punctuation etc but, what he says is true. He lives in London and is seeing first hand what goes on with regards to asylum seekers.

And I live about 10 miles from an Immigration "Reception" Centre, and 40 miles from Yarlswood Detention Centre which was burnt to the ground by asylum seekers less than a month after it opened at an estimated cost of 100 million.
Less than 10 miles away is a truckstop which is the first stop off for most HGV's coming off the ferries - guess what, you see scruffy groups of men (invariably) walking away from this truckstop. The local cops are constantly getting called there to detain these "hitchhikers"!
So don't assume that just because londonwicker lives in London he is on the front line!!!


20-Mar-03, 10:03
Allie - passed the same lassie, between Harrods & Harvey nicks, very disconcerting :(

03-Apr-03, 21:19
To prove the point that the government doesnt have a clue with regards to the security of the country,i joined the army under an assumed name and "soldiered"on for 2 years before anyone actually noticed i didnt exist!!!!!!(it was a genuine mistake on my part honest!!!) :Razz .I then went through the proper channels.
If i ,as a british citizen can do this VERY easily then why not the refugees?.It shows how lax the chain of command within government agencies really is!!!

It is so so easy to enter this country illegally or just disappear through the system.
I believe genuine ones could stay if they were willing to contribute and abide by the laws and customs of our lands.its the ones that come over and claim political correctness and take everything going that annoys me.
After all if you are leaving a barbaric state surely Britain is an easy option even if it meant a couple of months in a holding centre.At least they would have food,water and medical aid as well as safety,pretty easy choice really considering the choice!!!

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