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23-Oct-07, 10:00
I'm just wondering if anyone has BT Total Broadband?

I am using Orange Broadband at the moment, but I'm thinking about changing to BT Total Broadband. My new computer will be arriving soon, so I thought that it would make sense to change now, if I'm going to.

I like the look of the BT Home Hub with Hub phone, but am just wondering if it's any use?

If anyone has BT Broadband, could you let me know how you are getting on with it? Is it reliable? Are the speeds quite good? Is the Hub phone OK?

Thanks in advance for any info.

23-Oct-07, 13:11
I have it, BT messed my original order up but then gave me the hub phone for free and a free month.

It's fine, although I've not used anyone else for broadband so can't really compare.

Quite happy with the speed, did have a week or so when I kept getting disconnected but fine now.

23-Oct-07, 13:23
Your lucky neepnipper they messed up mine and I got diddly!:( I am not impressed with them at all but I suppose they could be worse,the service is ok but as soon as my contract is up I will be going elsewhere x

23-Oct-07, 17:48
Have been with them since the broadband switched on.
Only ever been disconnected once and that was when the whole county went down.
Had the homehub but didnt like it found it rubbish for wireless and is not Nintendo Ds compatable.Bought my own router Belkin 54g and have X-box,PC,LAptop and Nintendo DS connected with no problems.
Speed is as good as you will get,I get average 6mb thought the icon sates 8.1!

It is a little more expensive than others but I have no D/L limits and my speed is never throttled as they have loads of bandwith(something some of the smaller/cheaper companies dont have)

Its all down to personal choice, but i think their OK.

23-Oct-07, 19:56
We've had no major issues with BT. We renegotiated our contract earlier in the year, and wangled a free Home Hub & reduced monthly pricing - works a treat wireless with desktop, laptop & Xbox in our house. And added bonus of free calls evenings and weekends too. :D

24-Oct-07, 03:59
I wouldn't dream of being tied to a 12 month contract - or more - by signing up for BT. It's simply not an option.

I've heard far too many horror stories from people who have been hung out to dry by BT (and others).

The big companies invariably don't care about the user, forcing them to use foreign call-centres and script-monkey support staff who know nothing about your particular problem, and care less.

I'm currently with a small two-man reseller company , getting a 6MB connection almost 24/7, for 20 per month, 448Kkbps upload, 330GB monthly limit (!) and I can cancel at one month's notice.

But the best thing is that when I email them, they answer pretty much within the hour. I haven't needed to 'phone them for support, but I emailed them at close to midnight one night, asking about ftp settings and such like, and they responded within 15 minutes, by email, at that time of night. I cannot fault their service. You wouldn't get that from BT, trust me...

Each to their own though, and ultimately it all depends on your needs, but simply put, I wouldn't touch BT for broadband.