View Full Version : Quiz 28/10/07

22-Oct-07, 20:55
Quiz On Sunday At 20.30pm Come Along And Have A Good Laugh.

22-Oct-07, 21:39
ooo trucker, you look very nice, the jacket is a perfect fit [lol]

22-Oct-07, 23:53
See you there - I'm hooked now!
ps Jacket looking good!

23-Oct-07, 08:13
Will try my best to come along - and I do like the jacket, the colour matches your eyes!! ;)

25-Oct-07, 12:07
I'll be there too trucker, try not to make it too taxing and hopefully will do better this week. I want that jacket off you sometime but it suits you!

26-Oct-07, 20:46
I shall try to be there Trucker (want to see you in your fancy coat!).;)

27-Oct-07, 13:43
I've marked my calendar! We'll see how this new Vista system works for the quiz. I have found that things were quite slow in the chat room, but that might just have been the evening I was on.

Ricco if you brew up a big pot of tea I'll bring a tin of maple cookies.

29-Oct-07, 08:34
1st was hotrod4 with 27 points 2nd was graham 3rd was laguna2 and the second coming with 16points. HOTROD4 AND GRAHAM TIED FOR 1ST PLACE BUT HOTROD WON IT ON A TIE BREAKER. Thanks to everyone that came to the quiz it was good fun.Hotrod the jacket is now yours.

29-Oct-07, 08:43
Thanks to all for my first quiz,Which I won!!!!!!!.
The crack was good,questions were good and the people were good.
If youve never done the quiz you seriously should come along.
Once again thanks to all concerned.
Special mention to graham, unlucky mate was a good clean fight ;)
Will polish the jacket for you for next week!!!

the charlatans
29-Oct-07, 19:08
:)Hotrod, the purple jacket really suits you!

crawly crawly for next week!