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20-Aug-05, 12:43
Hi, thinking of going to a sunbed. Can anyone give me any advice before i go on what i should use , ie creams, moisturiser? Before of after. Could anyone recommend one?


20-Aug-05, 14:14
I usually exfoliate before i go then apply a tanning accelerator(you can buy them from the tanning salon) then just moisturise as usual afterwards.

Some tanning accelerator creams don't contain a sunscreen though.

My fave moisturiser is L'Oreal Nutrilift for dry skin, it smells lovely, keeps you moisturised all day, isn't greasy and dries in quickly :D L'Oreal body expertise exfotonic is the best exfoliator i've used too :D

20-Aug-05, 16:28
With all the recent skin cancer scares I wouldn't recommend going at all. That said, my wife uses the sunbed all the time. Don't have too long sessions and get well oiled up. Keep oiling up after it.

20-Aug-05, 23:44
I would not recommend using sunbeds, not only do they increase your risk of getting skin cancer but they also age your skin alot quicker!!
the only safe tan is a fake tan! I would recommend the ambre solair spray on tan, it gives you an all over even looking tan :D

21-Aug-05, 17:20
Hi, Thanks for all the advice thanks .