View Full Version : how to make toffee

lynne duncan
18-Oct-07, 19:46
how do you make toffee for toffee apples, every time i try i burn the toffee, some advice necessary please as bairns want to make some for halloween
ta in advance

mums angels
27-Oct-07, 14:33
we are making some tonight as a trial we got a recipie thats supposed to be good ..will let you know how it works but apparently its better not to make them until the day before you are going to eat them ...don't know why its just what the book says :lol:

lynne duncan
27-Oct-07, 16:00
look forward to hearing about your toffee

mums angels
29-Oct-07, 11:52
well we finally got round to making them last night and all seemed to be going well ..looked and smelled good but must have put it on the apples to thick they were as hard as rock :lol: think we might stick with chocolate ones again this year