View Full Version : Colins First Song

18-Oct-07, 17:46
Have a listen - http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=1360618547

Cheers. x

18-Oct-07, 21:20
Really good for your 1st release

sound very babytines but can't hear the vocals very well, thats important i'd imagine in this type of song.

good though, well well well impressed.

well done, pat eachother on the backs and bring us some more songs.

(sorry for the familiarity but I know one of yer mums, lol, :op)

19-Oct-07, 09:59
It may be an idea to play to a click (this will tighten up the tempo).

The vocals are also inconsistent volume-wise (use a compressor), but otherwise a fine effort.:D

19-Oct-07, 10:22
Using a click is a pain in the arse and you also loose the feel of the song as the drummer is 9/10 times, playing catch up with a beep.

I honestly think the production is pretty bad. Mind you, with the genre you guys are playing, it seems very garage rock.

19-Oct-07, 10:37
The best advice I had with using a click was:
"If you can't hear it - your in time!!"

Simple (with a little practise):D

19-Oct-07, 12:32
Thanks very much for all the feedback! We recorded it using my laptop and as none of us have ever done anything like this before, it was never going to be great production - wise, i think its alright considering what equipment we had. Thanks again for the comments and suggestions, not sure if I agree with the garage rock one but thanks anyway! x