View Full Version : Quiz 21st October at 8.30pm

17-Oct-07, 10:02
Everyone welcome just come along and get the crack.

17-Oct-07, 19:14
I will be there wellies.

17-Oct-07, 20:31
Last Sunday's quiz was great fun. I am sure that Wellie will make an excellent quizzie. Perhaps Colin or Niall will provide the 'magic' caot as an icon/avatar for the quizzie to wear each week?? ;)

17-Oct-07, 22:00
Just tried on the jacket and it said it was to big for me. Boo hoo never mind

21-Oct-07, 18:48
Is the quiz still happening tonite?

21-Oct-07, 19:03
Yes I can still get into the Flashchat so I am sure there will be no problem

21-Oct-07, 20:03
i think i might give this quiz malarky a go tonight. Woo 1st time quizer

21-Oct-07, 23:32
thanks for a fun quiz wellies, love those trick questions lol

22-Oct-07, 12:48
Thanks all for putting up with me sore heed but I got through it except the one error. Got there eventually though. Great to see so many there. My apologies again for the trick questions but I was in a strange mood when I made it up.
3rd Bobinovich with 17 points
2nd Graham with 20 points
1st TRUCKER with 23 points

Well done TRUCKER and I look forward to your quiz next week and enjoy wearing the jacket.