View Full Version : St Clair Hotel Castletown

16-Oct-07, 09:08
Visited the St Clair with family for lunch, wonderful meal and would certainly go back again.
Good choices on menu
Food was lovely, well presented and homemade
Excellent service

Only downside lounge area slightly chilly

But apart from that would certainly recommend it. They also have a lovely festive menu for lunches and dinners reasonable too.

lynne duncan
16-Oct-07, 22:12
heard very good comments about he st clair but if sandy is there it goes without saying must persuade hugh to take me out for a meal

18-Oct-07, 21:50
I am sure you would enjoy your meal if you manage to persuade Hugh, play area for the children also.

18-Oct-07, 22:15
Is the play area inside or out?

19-Oct-07, 00:15
Inside in the lounge bar with a gate to keep the little rascals in and the parents out!!!

19-Oct-07, 00:24
Inside in the lounge bar with a gate to keep the little rascals in and the parents out!!!
Thanks, I was looking forward to giving it a try but I think I'll have to give it a miss, nothing more annoying than a load of squawky kids when you're out for a meal. :eek:

19-Oct-07, 21:10
The play area is at one side of the room and seats available at the other. When we were there, there were children but noise was very minimal and I was sitting right beside play area. Would certainly not let this put you off giving it a try as food was really good.

04-Nov-07, 00:36
Was there last night for a meal. Heard it was good for food so we thought we'd give it a try. It was really nice and there was a good choice on the menu. We will go back again.

04-Nov-07, 15:14
My parents were there 2day and they had a lovely meal and for the squawky kids well u get them everywhere u go, take it u arent a parent. I am and i always try and keep my kids accupied with my own things and i wouldnt say they squawk they are humans they probably shout or cry. I am delighted to hear that they have something for the kids not many places do.

11-Dec-07, 21:27
Had our Christmas dinner there on Saturday night. It was really very good, and the service was just fine, didnt have to wait any length of time. Will certainly be going back and recommending this hotel to everyone