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Lossie Loon
12-Mar-03, 22:57
I was there with friends for a meal Saturday night. The place is a total dive, the service was diabolical and apart from the coconut naan, the food was terrible. I had a carry-out not long after they opened and to say the food has gone down-hill since then is an understatement.

I recommend that you give it a swerve, at all costs :(

15-Mar-03, 21:45
I have eaten from there often and I, along with a number of friends, have not had a bad meal yet!

Contrary to Lossie Loon's comments, I feel that the food is absolutely superb and I intend to visit it again very soon.


03-Apr-03, 10:26
I was in K2 last night. I have been on several occasions and have never had a bad meal. The service is always A1 and the staff are really nice. This message is the first bad report I have ever heard about K2.
I have been in award winning Indian restraunts in Manchester and K2 is just as good if not better!
I would highly reccomend eating there.
I think lossieloon you have just been very unfortunate.

04-Jul-03, 13:19
K2 is the best restaurant i have ever eaten in, the food is fantastic and the staff are excellent, and 95% of the time the waiting time is minimal, this is the first time i have ever heard a bad report about K2 and i cant recommend the place enough.

21-Aug-03, 19:58
I can't fault them. Service and food have been fantastic when I've gone there. I recommend them to everyone!

Your comments are the first negative ones I have heard from anyone about K2 but I'm not disputing what you say. Maybe if you let them know they would sort something out for you. Service seems very important to them.

27-Jul-04, 16:11
I know the original message is months old but thought I'd add to it anyway. Whenever I have been in K2 we have had really good food. The last time we went was a Sunday for their buffet and it was exceptionally good value - lovely food too. Service was a bit slow and we were hungry which spoilt the experience slightly but we will definitely go back. Much better than the take away in Thurso - so worth driving the 40 mile round trip for decent food !!

By the way we were just in Inverness last weekend and went to Shapla - food was fantastic - as good as some of the ones I tried in Manchester. If you get a chance and you like spicey food try their Balti Garlic Chilli Chicken - whay hay - what a meal !! Go on it's a treat !!!

03-Aug-04, 00:00
hey hey i like the shapla too its fab and i too have eaten on the curry mile.... the shazan being by far my fav at a reasonable price.

26-Aug-04, 11:13
Been to K2 many many times and the staff couldn't be nicer if they tried, food was A1 and the decor is what you would expect of an Indian restaurant.

I need to recommend it!!