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10-Oct-07, 20:13
Was in the "Sands" for a meal. That's the first time I've been since the New owners have taken over & I must admit I was suitably impressed.
There's a choice of the Main menu & a High teas menu.
The food was excellent, the portion sizes were unbelievable & the overall service & experience was well worth the money. Everything, I heard, is made fresh by the Chef owner, no frozen stuff here!! The Dunnet Mushrooms starter is to die for. The lady at the next table got them too & had a "When Harry met Sally" moment..!!! So she obviously loved them too, lol.
I can see lots of weight being put on as I go between here & the new Castletown Indians [lol][lol]

10-Oct-07, 22:57
New owners at the Northern Sands, when did they take over?

11-Oct-07, 00:16
New owners at the Northern Sands, when did they take over?

My, how time flies. :confused
It seems they have actually had it now for over 2 years, maybe even closer to 3!!
It doesn't seem that long since I was last there. [lol]
Aw well, it certainly won't be anywhere near that till I'm back though, that I am sure, lol.

11-Oct-07, 16:50
We were there for Christmas lunch last year and it was wonderful. Done in a buffet style with plenty choice and a bit of anything for the undecided in the company! Sunday lunched there a few times since and have never been disappointed.