View Full Version : Looking for A Rap Artist

K dragon
09-Oct-07, 19:12
i am looking for someone to rap, on one of my pieces.

i know there arent many up here but im looking for one.

artist have full creationary freedom, as in they write their own lyrics.

upfront payment can be given. im willing to pay up to 50 pound.

its an amatuer album so no royalties etc etc.

PM if interested

or if someone knows of a rap artist, please pm me. thanks

09-Oct-07, 20:36
was there no a biy in wick who was posting on these boards claiming to be a rapper?

K dragon
09-Oct-07, 20:47
i had remembered that. a good few year ago at a workshop in ormlie there was a guy who could rap and he was really good.

14-Oct-07, 20:10
Listened to a cd produced by a local rapper today. Well impressed. Can supply contact no if interested. PM me