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07-Oct-07, 23:13
It was suggested recently that there should be some form of prize for the quiz winner. The prize to date has been the honour of wearing the virtual purple sparkly jacket and providing the quiz for the following week.

Well the latter will stay :Razz, however the virtual sparkling purple jacket is now reality!!! The winner can now (if they wish) don said jacket as their Org avatar by using the following address (which can be changed in the User CP > Edit Avatar > Option 1 - Enter the URL to the Image on Another Website and pasting the URL in).

http://www.caithnesshost.co.uk/jacket.gif (http://forum.caithness.org/go.php?url=http://www.caithnesshost.co.uk/jacket.gif)


Now of course the jacket will have to be relinquished by the previous weeks' winner otherwise it could get confusing seeing multiple winners while browsing!

Good luck all...

10-Oct-07, 15:13
OK due to a slight technical hitch :(, please save the image in the above post onto your PC (Windows users: Right Click on picture then Save Picture As) and then use Option 2 - Upload Image From Your Computer instead :).

Will try and resolve other method in due course.

17-Oct-07, 23:46
Sorry peeps - it appears to work fine for me but everyone else says Nada. Have asked Colin for some help but he must be busy at present.

Will try and make it smaller & see if the OH's User CP lets her have it.

17-Oct-07, 23:55
OK that should be it now!


Either use Option 1 and enter the URL http://www.caithnesshost.co.uk/jacket.gif or right-click & save the above image to your PC then upload it using Option 2.

the charlatans
18-Oct-07, 19:44
As the starter of the 'now famous all over the Org Quiz room Sparkly Purple Quizmaster Jacket' purely made up as a flippant remark I am delighted and look forward to these long dark Sunday nights where we all will all virtually wear this.

Can we have a little microphone aka Terry Wogans one in Blankety Blank? or a cheque book and pen for the LLLLLLLLlllllllllllloooooooosers?

See you all on Sunday night.

18-Oct-07, 19:45
Asked for a smaller size and now it fits beautifully. Thanks Bob

18-Oct-07, 20:59
Ooooh you wear it so well Wellies!!! :)

18-Oct-07, 23:31
Wow - you're looking good Wellies! Well done to Bob for doing such a neat job of the final fitting :D

20-Oct-07, 04:11
thanks Bobinovich for sewing on all the sequins lol

18-Jun-08, 21:38
one thing for sure i will never win it ......i,m to smart and the comp is to slow...lol:lol: