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03-Oct-07, 00:41
I am just about to start learning to drive and i just wondered if they know of a good driving instructor in wick or in thurso that they know off i saw a car driving around wick called ADAM'S but i could't the number so if anyone who knows the number i will be most pleased thanks alot:D

03-Oct-07, 14:33
Have a look in the Driving Schools' section for contact names. Adam's is a very new name up here so I can't comment on that (no details on site).

TBH we haven't got a bad driving instructor up here. You will hear 'tales' about various instructors from various folk. Some people find they cannot get on with x or y instructor whereas someone else will sing their praises.

Get your name down early, they've all got waiting lists.

And good luck, it can be hard work, but enjoyable, learning to drive these days!

Oh, and ignore contradictory 'advice' given by people who passed their test 20 years ago, they're usually miles out. Do it the way your instructor teaches you - that's why you're paying them!:)