View Full Version : Santa's Little Helper

01-Oct-07, 23:50
(I know, I know, it's been a busy day in the garden today, so forgive my multiple posts :lol:)

According to WeeBurdie, Robin's are here "to make sure all the little girls and boys are being good for Santa", so she was delighted to see the first one of the year arrive in the garden today...


02-Oct-07, 00:44
Fantastic photo WeeBurd!
So I take it WeeBurdie is on best behaviour now. ;)

02-Oct-07, 01:10
I can't see it Weeburd! :~(

02-Oct-07, 22:04
Hmmmm, it's showing at the moment Lolabelle, although I must admit, I wasn't able to see it last night when I another member pm'd me. Weird:roll:.

03-Oct-07, 07:44
I can see it now Weeburd, and lovely it is too. :Razz

03-Oct-07, 20:05
What a lovely picture WeeBurd. Is'nt the robin a beautiful wee bird (pardon the pun) Still have'nt seen one myself this year but i hope last years visitor comes back again.