View Full Version : whats your favourite cake

lynne duncan
01-Oct-07, 22:55
am going to make chocolate profiteroles this weekend, but fancy making something else, any recipes for favourite tried and munched cakes

04-Oct-07, 16:17
Have a good recipie for bread pudding or alternatively chocolate biscuit cake (which is a no bake recipe) or apple crumble cake. If you want any of the recipes let me know.


lynne duncan
05-Oct-07, 19:56
would like your apple crumble cake recipe ta

06-Oct-07, 02:02
Don't have to think too long about this.... :)

Toffee Fudge Cake..... mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm

even better than, um,

06-Oct-07, 15:19
I wouldnt mind your chocolate biscuit cake recipe please:D

07-Oct-07, 13:17
I love dundee cake and like it much more that Xmas cake - I'm no baker and Lidl has it in amongst their Xmas stock so I've bought a couple as they sold out fast last year. Just waiting for the mini-stollens now - my absolute ruination every Xmas.

09-Oct-07, 13:04
Hi Orkneylass,

I totally agree with you the mini-stollens from Llidl are utterly moreish and I too am awaiting their arrival eagerly!

This is a bit strange as I don't have a sweet tooth and in general I detest biscuits and cakes....but those mini stollen...ah, to die for!:)


10-Oct-07, 20:10
Not long to wait now ladies. Lidl's "Christmas Market" flyer delivered here today announcing that the mini-stollens (and loadsa other yummy treats) will be available from Monday 15th October. Enjoy :D

11-Oct-07, 17:08
Hi Moira and Orkneylass,

The mini stollens have arrived in our Llidl today,.. three whole days early!:eek:

Best get in quick!

We only bought two packets....who are we trying to kid!:roll:


11-Oct-07, 22:18

I am alone with the mini stollen!:roll:

OH is nightshift!

Pray for me,..or drop round!;)


11-Oct-07, 23:58
Okay, that's one pack gone!:(


12-Oct-07, 00:13
Go open the second pack then. You know you want to... ;)

15-Oct-07, 18:53
my favourite has to be carrot cake not very successful at making so far.....

Anne x
16-Oct-07, 10:17
I wouldnt mind your chocolate biscuit cake recipe please:D

So would I please :)

lynne duncan
16-Oct-07, 16:35
had an easy recipe for carrot cake will go and find it and post soon

17-Oct-07, 20:35
I know its not a cake but my favourite has to be pumpkin pie - warm. This would be followed by homemade apple pie and cheddar in second and pecan pie in third place. Yum!:D

19-Oct-07, 16:01
Oh Ricco I haven't had a decent pumkin pie in years!I must have a look for a recipe and give it a whirl myself one of these days as you have started a longing :eek: I love pecan pie as well but my fav has to be keylime pie x