View Full Version : Speed Thrash Death Black Metal???????

08-Mar-03, 11:57
Anybody at all in the county into Black/Death Metal thesedays

Put a post up looking for some info for musicians into the darker side off things but no joy

I know a few people have mentioned Cradle of Filth but any other lords of chaos out there?????????????

If so get in touch and blast the far north


26-May-04, 15:36
Hey Dude

I'm into to the metal scene, bands like Megadeth, slayer, soulfly, sepultura, anthrax, metallica, testament,machine head and pantera. I also love powermetal bands like hammerfall, iced earth, blind gurdian etc i love iron maiden, judas priest (Hence the name painkiller),dio, ozzy,sabbath.

Death metal bands i've heard of cradel of filth there ok, i like arch enemy there new album rocks, i like dimmo birgou, opeth are cool and so are dark tranquillity, bolt thrower, benidection, graveworm.

20-Jun-04, 10:21
We've often been compared with death metal in reviews. And to hopefully give the highlands' metallers a night out HEAD HUNG LOW are coming to play at The Yard in Wick on Tuesday August 24th 2004. We have a debut album coming out very soon but have some free MP3 downloads on our site www.headhunglow.co.uk . So for all of you out there into metal come along on the night. Local bands Estrella and Bosshogg should be playing too.