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28-Sep-07, 18:55
I am somewhat Lactose Intolerant....was wondering where is best for soya or dairy free cheese. I can get soya milk, goats cheese, soya margarine etc...bit am missing cheese on toast...any other assistance gratefully received.

28-Sep-07, 20:10
You can get some really good soya cheese from www.goodnessdirect.co.uk

They even have special 'melting' cheese for toast. Mmmmmmmmmm!

29-Sep-07, 14:40
Hi Mccaugm,

Me too!:(

If you are okay with goats cheese you might find you are also able to eat sheeps cheese and they are obtainable in harder varieties such as Manchego which is lovely in cheese on toast..a bit like a mild cheddar with a hint of nuttiness.

Most Deli's stock it!:D

You can also buy it in Tesco if there is a lack of Deli's in Halkirk!