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06-Mar-03, 20:10
Hi all,
Ok, well i've decided we should go for it. If we can build up enough interest in he idea amoungst the community it can be a real goer. It will probably take up to a year to organise, but why not. We have the bands, the drive and the ambition. So lets go for it. I've already made inquireries into how the original idea was set up a while ago and will get this info up asap.

I have set up a website for the campaign - http://mysite.freeserve.com/BBMC

and an email addy at - BMusicCC@hotmail.com

So if anyone wants more information on what this campaign is all about, or updates on how it's coming, go to the website or email. If we pull together we can make it happen.


(soz, never ment to steal Wickstock, i do like the phrase,aye :cool: )

06-Mar-03, 21:46
Sorry the website address is actuall - http://mysite.freeserve.com/BMusicCC



07-Mar-03, 11:08
Bueller wanna play in Wick, we just won the 2002 North West Unsigned Band of the Year and have just finished a tour of Ireland as well. Just been played on Century FM (English commercial radio station), and are on the playlist for Steve Lamacq on Radio One.

Come on, we'll play, give us a decent venue and we'll be more than up for it.

07-Mar-03, 12:50
This is good!

07-Mar-03, 15:22
Good on you bud at least someone has grabbed the bull by the horns!! :D
Count me in, i'll help in any way i can hopefully we would be able to play if not i'll still help anyway.
Lets get Caithness Rockin'! :Razz
Remember if it aint jinx'd it must be inc'd! :eek:

07-Mar-03, 18:05
Oh wow

Anything i can do guys - I am not musical and rubbish with money but maybe writing letters or publicity stuff or admin or just general support give me a shout. I really really would like to see this work - it would be brilliant.

Wow i m all excited now - makes a change from the gloom and doom of the war topic anyways. Something to look forward to methinks