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26-Sep-07, 22:56
Me and ma mate are heading West on Sat,anyone else going?

The Pepsi Challenge
27-Sep-07, 01:53
Aye - me, too.

27-Sep-07, 08:39
Aye. I'll be there. If you're free at 5.40pm on the Sunday try to catch Astronots set.

01-Oct-07, 19:33
Any reports on how the weekend went?:confused

The Pepsi Challenge
02-Oct-07, 01:57

02-Oct-07, 12:41
Probably the best festival I have ever been too, if only for its eclectisism, many magical moments and amazing atmosphere.

02-Oct-07, 22:10
hello, we went and had a great time.

Though Face The West were brilliant and they made the sun come out!! :lol:

03-Oct-07, 10:14
Top weekend!It's amazing how a small village can pull something like this off.

The Pepsi Challenge
03-Oct-07, 12:50
I ken. So Imagine what Thurso could do... if they pulled their finger out and showed a little bit of vision.

03-Oct-07, 14:27
Has anyone famous been up here on holiday that we could name a garden after, would be a good start.

03-Oct-07, 14:32
I ken. So Imagine what Thurso could do... if they pulled their finger out and showed a little bit of vision.

And who would the BIG NAME draw be? Em......wasn't there a fellow called Barry who went out into the big wide world and made a great name for himself......yes, no......:roll:

The Pepsi Challenge
03-Oct-07, 14:47
How about the Dowpey Dan Festival? Though I'm not even fit to tie them big man's fusty, tackedy boots. The Silver Beetles (featuring John, Paul and George) however, played at the Castletown Drill Hall. Saying that, Jocky Wilson peed in Thurso once, and Robert Louis Stevenson slagged off Wick during a visit to Thurso. Fill your boots, really.

03-Oct-07, 15:04
the Dowpey Dan Festival?.


rob murray
03-Oct-07, 16:13
Pepsi, Silver Beatles never played Castletown, bit of a local myth that one. They played Inverness and Fraserburgh backing Johnny Gentle. To start a festival locally why not The Legendary ALex Harvey Wick Fesitival. Back in the days ( mid late 50's ) when Thurso was still a "village", Alex Harvey, amongst many other rock n roll bands, regulary played the Wick BB hall ( Gene Vincent played there too in 1960 ) It was in Cardosi's cafe, round the corner that he first heard the Isley Brothers "Shout" which became his show stopping number and one which he recorded in 1963/64 ( copied by Lulu and the luvvers who bet him to the charts ) So, Wick / Earl Scottish Rock n Roll / Legendary rocker : Alex Harvey Festival. Just as close a linkage as Durness and Lennons childhood summer holidays !

The Pepsi Challenge
03-Oct-07, 16:41
Fair dos about the Silver Beetles, Rob; I wasn't born until 1977 so I would never know for sure anyway. My suggestion to hold a festival similar to the one in Durness though was purely tongue-in-cheek. No-one in Caithness has the vision, foresight, skill or contacts to put such a thing on. I'd be delighted to be proved wrong, but I'd suggest heading to Durness next year instead. The organisers of the JLNL fest benefited because it's the Highland & Islands year of culture or summat like that, so there's lots of money floating around, and they copped a fair wad of it. Good on 'em.

Silver Darlings' Festival?

03-Oct-07, 19:09
For everyone that enjoyed the John Lennon Festival (and for everyone who would like to enjoy it next time) it has just been nominated in two categories in the music festival equivalent of the Oscars - best new festival and most fan friendly festival awards.

To add your vote click here


and tell everyone you know that went. Support your local-ish festival and all that!