View Full Version : Great Northern Diver

26-Sep-07, 20:41
sorry the piccy is a bit off, was a quick shot into the sun this morning at work.

26-Sep-07, 21:57
Sorry Tuggy but it is actually a Red-throated diver and appears to be one of this years young.

The head/beak shape is the best way to tell the species apart. Red throats are more slender billed, compared to the bulkier Great northerns bill. Great Northerns are larger birds as well.

Both are easier to identify in full adult summer plumage. Juveniles and winter plumage more tricky.

I will try to find photos.

26-Sep-07, 22:04
ok so it was a guess ;) i knew you would put me right :D thanks Kas .. i know i couldn't tell a size differential between it and the shags around it.

26-Sep-07, 22:08
Very easy mistake to make. You photographed one with its red throat at Sandside last year.