View Full Version : Territorial Dispute

23-Sep-07, 11:32
I was mucking about with my new camera and saw an Australian (Noisy) Minor trying to hunt off a Magpie. Mind you, the maggie wasn't terribly bothered by the smaller bird.

23-Sep-07, 13:22
Great picture. There is not much that will bother a Magpie. I remember the first time I ever saw one was on my first trip to the South of Ireland. There was a Magpie on a telegraph wire overlooking a garden where someone had thrown out large pieces of bread on the lawn. The Magpie was keeping his distance because a rather large tom cat was walking the top of a stone dyke in the vicinity and the cat was dragging a piece of the bread with him. I watched as the magpie swooped down and hit the cat square in the ribs and knocked it off the wall, I never seen anything run away so fast in my life and the cat was almost twice the birds size. Magpies can be very ruthless.

Do you get any hummingbirds where you are??

23-Sep-07, 21:48
The maggies love Mail Men on motor bikes around here, we saw one swooping and hammering his helmet, it was so funny. I don't think we have hummingbirds, will have to find out for sure.