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05-Mar-03, 18:08
Hi all,
I suddenly had a thought. To my knowledge, not all towns our Wick and Thurso's size have such a striving and diverse music scene. I mean i could real of loads of bands for past and present from the local area. You only need to look at wickbands.co.uk to find proof. And yet, i have noticed that bigger places, like say Glasgow, Leeds, Reading and Cardiff, who also have thriving diverse music scenes, although obviously on a country wide scale, and they have festivals to celebrate. So how come we can't?
I remember being told that, many years ago, there was going to be this big gig thing happening up here. It was taking place in a kind farmers field and was going to feature local talent and country renound bands. Obviously not the biggest ones, but they were big names. Now, we have the people would are into music with local connection to organise it, we have plenty of local talent to play for 30mins at least, and if possible original material, and if we can get record people up for a Blue Monday, surely some strings could be pulled to get some not band bands up here?
Maybe i'm being completely stupid, and if so please tell me now. But, in all seriousness, why not? Can you image it, Idlewild and Jinx'd, Ocean Colour Scene and Acid inc?? Could it happen? Ildewild are fround round here after all? Could be persuaded? Well i think i've said about all i can. I really think if it's at all possible we should push for it. If there is interest i might even start a campaining website for it. With the bigger bands as well, you'd get people coming up for it too? Maybe those bands are too big, but you never know. Lemmie know your thoughts.....

Still dreaming....


06-Mar-03, 09:02
Doug, you should read the..."Edge Of The World...MORE" thread about halfway down the page

by pages 2 and 3 the discussion lifts off[/url]

06-Mar-03, 14:04
Mr more stop stealing my ideas!!! :D
I have used the term "wickstock" for years in an attempt to get a wick festival going.
We already have a festival as sorts i.e midsummer madness which some folk take seriously whereas others dont give a damn! :evil

There are plenty of bands in Wick but not enough want to contribute to the cause.
Only the "darlings" ever get a mention anywhere wheras some bands get no recognition despite alot of effort which i suppose puts some bands off making an effort.
In theory we have the talent in Wick but not enough "get up and do it!"which is a pity as we have some really good bands here superior to Thurso!!! lol (that should get the tea n bowlies going)
If there was a festival going i would certainly play with Jinx'd or if beggs was away solo as i feel very strongly about the music scene.
Anyway good topic but dont nick my "wickstock" !!!!!!!!!!! :D
Heres a good qoute " if it aint Jinx'd it must be inc'd"( i think you'll like that one Mr more!!!!!!) :evil

05-Aug-03, 15:17
last time i was up there there wasnt much of a striving and diverse music scene at all
edge of the world is okay who do i have to give a shout to to get my band on stage at this event and whats the pay like for bands ?