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21-Sep-07, 20:39
I'd recommend trying 'Eumobase' concentrated rehydration cream for the treatment of excema, my son had very dry, red itchy skin on his arms, legs, tummy and face and after just three days use his skin completely cleared up and returned to normal. I apply it just once a day now and it keeps the excema at bay, I now have a much happier baby.

21-Sep-07, 20:52
Hi Julia,

I have been prescribed 'Eumovate' cream in the past for the treatment of Excema.

It is really gentle compared to some of the others and yet very effective.

I suspect it is a hybrid of Eumovate and Dermabase..hence Eumobase!

Glad the wee one is more comfortable!:)

How did you come by this?


21-Sep-07, 22:48
Hi Karia

I'd spent months covering him in Epiderm as prescribed by the doc but it did not seem to be doing anything except make him greasy, everytime I undressed him he would scratch and cut his little legs so I had a look at what was on available just off the shelf and plumped for Eumobase, I bought it in Tesco, the tube only lasted the three days but what a difference to his skin. I then got the doc to prescribe it.

22-Sep-07, 14:30
Hubby uses Elocon on the badly inflamed eczema and Epiderm all over at night and showers it all off the next day. I will watch for this product you recommend as it could be ideal for daytime and when travelling as the big tubes and tubs take a bit of shipping about.

the charlatans
22-Sep-07, 23:00
Ta for this, i've got really bad ezcema on my hands just now and the Epiderm isn't doing anything but making me want to scratch. I'm wearing cotton gloves - its pretty rubbish. I've been using E45 for face moisturiser but the doc says the lanolin in it won't help.
Anybody got any diet tips for ezcema? i notice that a banana a day helps.

yours a very itchy Charlatans

mums angels
23-Sep-07, 17:15
Ta for this, i've got really bad ezcema on my hands just now and the Epiderm isn't doing anything but making me want to scratch. I'm wearing cotton gloves - its pretty rubbish. I've been using E45 for face moisturiser but the doc says the lanolin in it won't help.
Anybody got any diet tips for ezcema? i notice that a banana a day helps.

yours a very itchy Charlatans

i have to avoid too much tomato based items, beans, tomato soup etc , i can have them but not too much in a small period of time..

i use emovate for excema and it is very good but was told by my doctor that it is not suitable for children as its a steriod cream (this was a few years ago so may have changesd) for the children i stopped bathing them nightly and went every second night and i never put anything in their baths luckily for me theres was never very bad and this keeps it at bay :)

lady penelope
25-Sep-07, 13:55
One of my boys suffers from excema and I also dont let him bathe every day. I find Halos & Horns great in the bath and have used it for years on all 3 boys. Water seems to dry skin out. The shampoo smells great and even washes coloured hair gels out.
I might try this Eumobase for him, he's not keen on creams as he finds them greasy. I only use non bio eco friendly washing products for him and this seems to stop him scratching.

25-Sep-07, 19:36
Eumobase is suitable for all skin types and for all ages, it's not greasy and it soaks into the skin quite quickly.

the charlatans
25-Sep-07, 22:50
Tescos sales of Eumobase must have shot up this week!I have my tube and it certainly is nicer to apply than the greasy emolliants from the doctors.I'm lucky that bairn C is showing no signs of ezcema - its just unfortunate that he's not old enough to wash himself yet and Mr C is working off so I feel like i've got a vicious circle going on. I've been using Boots Tip to Toe shampoo and bath wash for him but i might switch to the Halo & Horns and see if that helps (me not him). Poor bairn C, he must be dying to have a big Mr Matey bubble bath. Ach well, daddy isn't allergic.and tomotoes???? ah no, i really love tomatoes. thanks for the tips though ladies, much appreciated.Yours, still looking like the Queen with her white cotton gloves on.

25-Sep-07, 22:53
The wife uses eumovate, doublebase and diprobase on FIL who has varicose eczema and the doublebase was suggested by nurses in Glasgow, she reckons it is by far the best she has used on him. She was advised not to use too much eumovate as it thins the skin.

03-Oct-07, 22:20
I must say that oilatum is brilliant for this, especially for kids in their bath thats all i used as a kid, also preperation h clears it up in days! lol!

04-Oct-07, 19:28
we have the best with doublebase.. and when it gets bad.. the only thing that works in hydrocortizone that works.. but we try not to use to much of that.

05-Oct-07, 19:36
Where can you buy Halos & Horns ?

05-Oct-07, 21:22
Where can you buy Halos & Horns ?

I just bought some tonight from Tesco, they have the bath wash, body and hair wash or shampoo to pick from. They are all in the region of 1.70 odd

06-Oct-07, 15:30
thanx julia.

07-Oct-07, 20:55
i have suffered from excemza since i was a baby, and now my eldest son has it, he gets it very bad behinds his knees on his arms, the weather doesnt help it when it goes from cold to hot, we are now using Pure Baby, Hypoallergenic moisturising cream, and so far this has been the best, it is 100% fragrance and dye free enriched with biotin and aloe vera. you also get craddle cap shampoo and bath lotions, highly reccommend.

08-Oct-07, 19:08
My five year old had it on her face really badly untili finally went to see a chinese herbalist....He explained what it was and gave me a mix of dried herbs i was to bouil into an oil, and then place on her face...I did not do this i just took a bit of advise he gave me....

Now as strange as it may seem, CHOCOLATE is one of the worst thing that anyone who has excema can eat.He advised me to cut out the chocolate and said things would clear up.I never gave her chocolate after that day and within two weeks her skin was perfactly clear and has stayed that way since...If she does eat alot of it now she starts to dry out on her skin....
I have no creamsbut if you do eat the dreaded brown stuff then maybe try cutting it out a little...

08-Oct-07, 22:46
My son had been badly effected by excema since he was weeks old, i have tried nearly everything. I will try this product Julia recommends.

08-Oct-07, 23:08
for natural remedies, I would recommend comfrey cream, or even the leaves over the scabs. It has an almost miraculous skin-regenerative ability, rather like aloe. It is however essential that the skin be cleaned before applying as it is not anti-septic, it heals so fast it can heal an infection in.

I suffered eczema for years as a child and as an adult suffer from contact dermatitis and hives, fortunately to a lesser degree these days. I have to be really careful about which soaps and shampoos I use. I have found I need to avoid the entire Palmolive product range for some reason. I'm ok with Imperial Leather tho'.

Did a google search for comfrey cream and came across this site (although there are many other suppliers) which includes some good advice (although it has a financial agenda). Worth trying the lotion although not necessarily this one.

Also, when I was younger I found that getting plastered in calomine lotion worked superbly well. At that age I didn't get a chance to object! It's really mild, it's cheap and it works.


11-Oct-07, 00:37
One of my kids had eczema as a baby and hardly seemed to sleep for months,he was constantly scratching his face it looked terrible. Finally after endless petroleum based creams that made it worse I heard about marigold and chickweed balm. I studied everything I could about it and other useful herbs and finally made it myself.I have been growing and making my own herbal balms ever since.I'm still amazed at how many chemicals we put on ourselves trusting our doctors,chemists etc . see www.croftlotionsandpotions.com