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08-Aug-05, 15:55
Our exchange is getting connected next week but I can't find out whether I can still use my current ISP which is surefish, even from them. There seems to be a list of registered providers up here but I'm not sure if this is exclusive or just a sample choice. Does anyone local use one of the smaller ISPs or know anything about this?

08-Aug-05, 17:01
Have a look at www.adslguide.org

08-Aug-05, 17:28
thanks for that link - it's the longest I've seen so far but still doesn't show my ISP. Not sure what to make of that. I've been trying to phone them but guess what - all their lines are busy!

08-Aug-05, 18:10
If you cant get through to an ISP then they are not worth having.

I'd punt them.

If there is nothing on their website about ADSL then cancel.

08-Aug-05, 19:45
Actually it's the first time I've had a problem with them answering but I agree it's not acceptable. They do ADSL but they don't appear on any listings. Maybe it doesn't matter. Who knows? Thanks anyway.

09-Aug-05, 20:07
Today I saw men with a white van laying cable alongside the back road to Reay. I hope that is broadband coming our way at last?

10-Aug-05, 10:57
Broadband will be available in Reay on the 31st of December 2005.

This date might change and be brought forward.

Paul Reid